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Fungus Gnats

Fungus Gnats Treatment Guide

How To Get Rid of Fungus Gnats

By DoMyOwn staff

How to Get Rid of Fungus Gnats

photo of fungus gnats on the stalks of a plant, with an insert image of fungus gnat larvae
There are several ways to deal with fungus gnats in your home. Check out the suggestions below to learn more about which method should work best for your situation. With a bit of advice from our pros and the right products, you can get rid of gnats quickly and easily.
Method 1

Let the Soil in Potted Plants Dry Out to Deter Gnats

As a first step, allow the soil around your house plants to dry out. Fungus gnats need a damp habitat to thrive, and cutting back on water to your plants and letting the soil air out will kill off any fungus gnat larvae that may be in the soil already and make your plant less attractive to adult fungus gnats who may be elsewhere in your home.

This should be the first part of a treatment plan for a fungus gnat infestation. While allowing the soil in your plants will give them fewer places to breed, adding one of the following methods to your plan will be needed to completely eliminate this pesky problem.

Method 2

Treat Your Plants with an Insecticide Labeled for Gnats

If you've found evidence of fungus gnat larvae and adults on and around your house plants, consider treating the plants with a fungus gnat eliminator like Talstar P Professional Insecticide. Products like this with the active ingredient bifenthrin are very effective against fungus gnats and other insect pests.

Plants should be moved outdoors for treatment with a bifenthrin product. Always read the product label carefully and follow all instructions. Allow the plant to dry completely before bringing it back indoors.

Method 3

Knock Down Adult Fungus Gnats with an Aerosol Insecticide

If you see adult fungus gnats flying around your home, a quick knockdown aerosol product like CB-80 or PT Microcare CS may be the best immediate solution. These aerosol insecticides encourage adult fungus gnats to leave their hiding places and come in contact with the knockdown agent, leading to a quick kill for any of the pests present in your home.

They can be applied in cracks and crevices where gnats may be hiding, and sprayed into the air in properly prepared areas to take care of active gnats that may appear.

Watch the video above for guidance on how to use an aerosol like CB-80 for fungus gnat elimination in your home or business. Always read the product label guidance for detailed gnat eliminator application instructions

Products needed for Method 3

Method 4

Set Light Traps in your Home to Eliminate Gnats and Other Flies

Another effective method of getting rid of gnats in your home or business is the use of light traps or fly lights to attract and capture them. Gnats and other small flying insects are attracted to the special light emitted by these traps and are lured into contact with a glue board that traps them immediately. The glue boards in these traps can be removed and replaced when needed. Fly lights are a popular option to use instead of or in addition to insecticide products.

Products needed for Method 4

Method 5

Remove the Infested Plant from Your Home

Sometimes plant injury from fungus gnat larvae can be severe. In these cases you may consider giving up the affected plant and removing it from your home. Check other plants for fungus gnat larvae or adults, inspect any new plants that come into your home, and hopefully you can avoid this last resort solution.

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