Moles burrow below ground, creating tunnels and severe damage to lawns as they search for food. Our selection of mole traps, baits, and repellent will help you remove moles from your yard, allowing you to repair lawn damage.

Moles Guide

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A rodenticide that effectively controls moles and pocket gophers to prevent them from damaging residential lawns.
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A chemical-free blocker that helps prevent burrowing animals like moles, voles, and gophers from damaging your plants without harming them.

Wondering how to get rid of moles in your yard? Mole control can be done using various methods, and we carry the products that are specifically designed for moles. There are three main tools you can use to get rid of moles. They are:
•    Mole traps
•    Mole repellent
•    Mole Bait

Pictures Of Moles

Wondering what a mole looks like? See our mole identification guide for more information.


Star Nose Mole

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