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How to Get Rid of Moles

Ground Mole Treatment & Control Guide

By DoMyOwn staff

Best Methods For Getting Rid of Moles In Your Yard

Trapping and baiting are the two best methods for mole control. Both rely on timing and proper placement for the best results. While it can be tricky to get it right, when used correctly, they can both be great options for getting rid of moles.

There are many "home remedies" that promise mole extermination, like putting razor blades or hair in the tunnels, flooding out moles, and many other things. These really don't work, and will simply be a waste of your time and energy.


Trapping is an effective form of control and eradication when done correctly.

There are three common types of mole traps used for mole control: harpoon traps, scissor traps, and cinch traps.

To use traps, follow instructions for each type of trap carefully, and keep these things in mind:

  • Moles tend to actively burrow deeper during winter and summer, so spring and fall are the more ideal times to control moles.
  • Find the active feeding tunnels first before placing traps. Active burrows can be found by stepping down on a tunnel and monitoring for a few days to see if the tunnel is rebuilt. This means it is active.
  • The main tunnels, which are the most active, are straight, and often connected to mounds (mole hills). They are also generally following man-made barriers, like driveways, sidewalks, fencerows, etc.
  • To place the traps, you should excavate the tunnels carefully, trying not to disturb them more than necessary.
  • If the trap fails to trigger or trap a mole after a few days, it is probably due to a few things, like an improperly set trap, changed behavior in the moles, and a disturbed trap site. Try to find a new place for the traps.


There are now effective toxic mole baits on the market, shaped, scented, and flavored to mimic a mole's food source. Worm-shaped baits are most successful since they look very close to a mole's food.

Placing poison baits correctly is very similar to placing traps correctly. First, you must find active surface tunnels, preferably main tunnels, which are strait and along barriers. Treat during the spring and fall when you see mole activity in your yard, and aim to disturb the tunnel as little as possible.

Follow instructions carefully for proper placement and rates of application.

Mole Treatment Infographic

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