Rat Zero Bait Pellets

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Rat Zero Bait Pellets
Rat Zero Bait Pellets

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Product Overview

Rat Zero Mouse Bait Pellets offers a great solution to rats and mice control problem on areas where pesticides are off-limits. It is made from natural ingredients which effectively repels mice by providing them poor quality food source to drive them away and look for alternate food outside your premises. It is free of synthetic ingredients found in most pesticides so it is safe to use around people and pets inside or outside your home. It is advisable to be used in conjunction with other rodent control products to achieve maximum protection against mice. Recommended for both DIY and professional use. Available in 1 lb. bag.

Product Documents

Features and Specs

Active Ingredient Corn Gluten Meal - 55.0% Salt - 2.0%
Target pests Rats and mice.
For use in Indoors and outdoors: under sinks, pet food storage areas, outdoor patios, home access points, pantries.
Application For Rats: Fill trays with 50 to 70g or 1.75 to 2.5 oz. of the bait pellets (approximately 1/3 cup). For Mice: Fill trays with 20 to 30g or 0.7 to 1 oz. of the bait pellets (approximately 1/4 cup).
Pet safe Yes, if used as directed on label.
Formulation Pellets.
Dimensions 2.5 x 9 x 6.75 in.
Special Features Free of synthetic pesticides.
Shipping Weight 1.00 lbs
Manufacturer Scotts (Mfg. Number: OR0374004)
UPC 888603037407



Before use, remove or properly seal all food and water sources and seal all possible entry points. Place bait pellets into shallow trays and alternate placement with other rodent control devices in the areas with signs of mouse activity. Examples of activity can include oily rub marks, droppings, points of entry, or near potential feeding places. Place every 5 feet, alternating between trays and other rodent control services.

For Rats: Fill trays with 50 to 70g or 1.75 to 2.5 oz. of the bait pellets (approximately 1/3 cup).

For Mice: Fill trays with 20 to 30g or 0.7 to 1 oz. of the bait pellets (approximately 1/4 cup).

Place trays every 5 feet where rodent activity occurs, focusing on locations with fresh droppings, signs of feeding, entry points, and around the interior perimeter of buildings. Monitor bait containers regularly and replace any bait that has been exposed to water or eaten be rodent pests. Protect bait from other non-target animals. Do not use if you have pet rodents. Continue to refill bait containers until all signs of feeding have ceased for several days. For more effective rodent control, Rats Zero Brands recommends the use of additional rodent control products.

Wear gloves while handling any bait or containers that have come into contact with rodent pests as they can transmit disease. Wash hands thoroughly.

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