ULD BP-100 Fogging Concentrate

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ULD BP-100 Fogging Concentrate

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Average Rating

4.5 out of 5 stars Rating: 4.5

11 Reviews | 19 Q&A

Product Overview

ULD BP-100 Contact Insecticide II is a fogging concentrate that can be used in ULV fogging equipment for treating a wide variety of insects as well as any other conventional fogging or spraying systems. Since BP-100 is an oil based solution it can also be used in thermal foggers, propane foggers, and heat foggers. ULD BP-100 has a broad treatment label allowing it to be used in many areas for many pests, including food handling areas. For indoor or outdoor applications as a direct, space, area or contact spray.

*NOTE: When using this product in any of the following foggers, you MUST lube up the cap gasket with a silicone lubricant before adding in the BP, otherwise it will cause the gasket to swell and no longer create a fog. 

*This product was previously manufactured by BASF and has recently been purchased by MGK.  You may receive different packaging during the transition, but it is the same product.

Features and Specs

Active Ingredient Piperonyl butoxide 5% Pyrethrins 1%
Target pests Angoumois Grain Moths, Ants, Box Elder Bugs, Cheese Mites, Cigarette Beetles, Crickets, Earwigs, Fruit Flies, Gnats, Granary Weevils, House Flies, Moths, Rice Weevils, Roaches, Spiders, Tobacco Moths, Wasps and Waterbugs
* See label for complete list
For use in Commercial & Residential Indoors & Outdoors: Cafeterias, Dormitories, Food Service Storage & Preparation Areas, Grocery Stores, Hotels, Health Care Facilities, Homes, Office Buildings, Restaurants, Schools, Universities and others
* See label for complete list
Application ULV foggers, Thermal foggers, Propane foggers and Direct Spraying
* See label for complete application instructions
Yield May be applied undiluted or dilute it to have less than 1% Pyrethrin
Formulation Professional Product
Shipping Weight 7.47 lbs
Manufacturer MGK (Mfg. Number: 59013739)
UPC 848920001093
EPA Registration 1021-2838



Commercial (including Food Handling Establishments, Food Service, Storage, Preparation and Processing Areas), Institutional and Residential Areas.

ULD BP-100 Contact Insecticide II can be used in the following foggers found on our website:

Fogmaster Jr

B&G M2400 ULV Fogger

Fogmaster 7401 ULV Fogger

Bonide Propane Fogger

B&G M2600 ULV Fogger

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  • 5 of 5 Stars

    The Terminator!

    By Anonymous on 08/02/2013

    Verified Purchase

    This product is very strong and is excellent in killing insects. Just be careful when fogging with this product to wear a pesticide respirator and protective eye wear.

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  • 5 of 5 Stars

    Works better than expected

    By Chris on 07/08/2015

    I was used to my old Ortho oil just displacing them for a few hours. This stuff resulted in a significant decrease in the number that returned the next day.

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  • 2 of 5 Stars

    BP-100 Fogging Concentrate

    By Anonymous on 06/06/2013

    Verified Purchase

    I used this product twice a day. Early morning and late at evening. I used 3/4 gallon so far and mosquitos still active. Look like this product will work for about an hour after fogging.

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    7 of 23 people found this review helpful

  • 4 of 5 Stars

    Great overall

    By Steve on 09/29/2015

    The product is great for use in my propane insect fogger. The new container however, is hard to pour from without spilling and the handle is weak. Otherwise, good stuff for mosquitos and other flying insects.

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  • 5 of 5 Stars

    ULD BP-100

    By Wilfredo on 07/18/2013

    Verified Purchase

    The Product was Perfect and your service too. I'm so satisfied that I don't have words, I recommend you and the product to anybody.

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Questions & Answers

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Can I mix ULD BP-100 with water?
ULD BP 100 cannot be mixed with water. This product can only be mixed with white mineral oil or you can use it undiluted.

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Best fogging product for crawlspace to eliminate Brown Recluse spiders.

We have two weekend properties that have a problem with Brown Recluse spiders. We keep finding them in the glue traps. Both houses have crawlspaces that are low to the ground. I have access to a fogging machine but am at a loss as to what is the best product to use. I can fog the crawlspace or interior of the buildings and leave vacant for several days. I would like a product that will not make a mess of the interior of the building. It can make as big a mess as it needs to do the crawlspace. Suggestions?

ULD BP-100 can be fogged into the crawlspace. Any spiders that are exposed at the time of the the fogging will be eliminated. For indoor use, instead fogging we recommend spraying a residual insecticide such as Cy-Kick CS into the cracks and crevices around door and window frames, baseboards, under appliances and in places where cables, pipes and wires enter through the walls. You can also use Cy-Kick CS to spray around the exterior on the foundation, door and window frames, around places where cables, pipes and wires enter into the structure and any other crack, crevice or hole where insects can gain entry. By using the residual insecticide inside and outside you will be eliminating hidden spiders that come out to hunt and also the insects that they are there to prey on. By eliminating the spiders food source you will be forcing the spiders to move out and you will be making the structures less desirable to other spiders looking for new hunting grounds.

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How long do pets and children need to be away after applying ULD BP-100?

how long do have to be out of the home w pets and small children?

Pets and people should vacate the area treated with ULD BP-100 Fogging Concentrate for at least 2 hours. Then allow the treated area to ventilate for an additional hour.

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Will ULD BP-100 Fogging Concentrate work for bed bugs?

We have used it for three years against bed bugs. Label does list bed bugs.


ULD BP-100 Fogging Concentrate is labeled for bed bugs. This product should not be applied to a mattress. We would not recommend only using this product to control a bed bug infestation. Please check out our Bed Bug Kits; they come with everything you will need to do a complete treatment. 

Be sure to check out our Bed Bug Guide for tips on how to treat and prevent bed bugs in the future. 

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How long will each application of ULD BP-100 Fogging Concentrate be effective?

Most professional Mosquito Fogging services say their treatments will last 21 days. Black Flag claims their treatment will last about 6 hrs. How long will ULD BP-100 last?


Like most fogging concentrates on the market the ULD BP-100 is a contact kill insecticide and will not leave behind a residual to give a continuous kill. Fogging is mostly designed for the instant control and knock down of pests in the area and to kind of keep them away for a few hours. For continuous control, you normally use products that are not applied with a fogger and that have a residual to give you control over several weeks as the mosquitoes land on the treated surfaces. We would suggest taking a look at our Mosquito Control Guide and clicking through the steps for treating and prevention and through the kits we offer to help get the best results. 

Keep in mind that ULD BP-100 is not labeled for mosquito treatments.

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ULD BP-100 Fogging Concentrate 4.5 out of 5 stars Rating: 4.5 (11 Reviews / 19 Q&A)

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