Resolute 4FL Herbicide


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Resolute 4FL Herbicide

Resolute 4FL Herbicide is for selective pre-emergent control of grass and broadleef weeds that are in established turfgrasses (not including golf putting greens), sod nurseries and lawns; field-grown, landscape and container ornamentals; established wildflower and perennial plantings; and christmas tree farms. It stops weeds from continuing to grow and stops newly germinated weeds. A spray colorant may be used with this product to minimize overlaps.


Do not graze or feed livestock from areas treated with Resolute 4FL.

Do not blend Resolute 4FL onto dry fertilizer or any other granular material.

Do not use through an irrigation system.

Do not apply to putting greens on golf courses.


Mixing Resolute 4FL alone: Must be mixed thoroughly in a spray tank to ensure even application. Fill spray tank 1/4 full with clean water. Start agitation and add Resolute 4FL. Maintain agitation before and during application. A spray colorant may be used to mark areas as they are treated. This will improve by minimizing overlaps.

Tank mixing: can be mixed with other registered herbicides to provide greater control of weeds. Before mixing with pesticides, test by mixing products in a small container first.

Apply Resolute 4FL in a minimum of 20 gallons/A (0.5 gal/1000 sq ft) of carrier (water and/or fluid furtilizer) using a low pressure sprayer with 50 mesh or coarser screens. A broadcast boom or handheld wand designed for herbicide or insecticide will produce best results.

Refer to product chart on label for specific amounts to use and specific order for tank mixing.

For turf applications, refer to chart on label for annual use rates.

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12/02/2013 Quentin from Texas

QWhats the difference between Resolute 4FL and Barricade 4FL? Will you get the same exact results from either?

AResolute 2FL and Barricade 2FL are both made by Syngenta, the only difference may be the inert ingredients.  Either product should produce the same results.

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06/07/2014 Carl from Reagan, Tx 76680

QIs it safe to use Resolute 4FL on fruiting plants (black berries)?
Resolute 4FL Herbicide

AResolute 4FL is not labeled to be used around anything edible.  Unfortunately pre-emergents and selective herbicides are not labeled to be used around edible gardens.  They stay in the soil too long.  Your only option is a round up type product, like our Round UP Quik Pro, and you can spot treat the weeds.  Since Round UP does not stay in the soil very long, it can be used in these areas.

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11/16/2015 Greg from Roseburg, Or

QDoes Resolute 4FL Herbicide stain concrete?


Resolute 4FL Herbicide is yellow in color and has the potential to stain concrete or other surfaces sprayed. It is recommended that you spray only the areas intended.

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07/14/2015 Don from New York

QWhat is the shelf life of Resolute 4FL?


The shelf life of Resolute 4FL is 3-5 years from the date of purchase as long as it is stored at room temperature.  

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03/09/2016 Josh from Fort Mill, Sc

QDo I need to water the lawn after applying Resolute 4FL Herbicide?


Yes, Resolute 4FL needs to be watered in after application.†

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11/07/2016 David from Hebron

QCould Resolute 4FL Herbicide be used along a forested edge to kill greenbriars but not the holly, oak, maple & pines?


Resolute 4FL Herbicide†will not kill any existing weeds.† It is a pre-emergent, which is only meant to prevent weeds from emerging. †It will not harm mature or actively growing desirables.

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