Santa Fe Dehumidifier Pump Kit (4033038)

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Santa Fe Dehumidifier Pump Kit (4033038)
Santa Fe Dehumidifier Pump Kit (4033038)
Santa Fe Dehumidifier Pump Kit (4033038)
Santa Fe Dehumidifier Pump Kit (4033038)

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5 out of 5 stars Rating: 5

1 Review | 1 Q&A

Product Overview

Santa Fe Dehumidifier Pump Kit (4033038) is an add-on for these dehumidifier: Force and Advance2. This kit is a great addition when you need to move the water, collected by the dehumidifier, to go higher then the unit. Capable of going 15 feet high, the tube is 20 foot long so the water can reach areas that it normally would not with just the unit. The pump itself can be attached to the dehumidifier with the brackets that come with the kit. This kit has a 1 year warranty from the manufacturer.

Features and Specs

For use in Indoor residential areas.
Warranty 1 year
Shipping Weight 7.73 lbs
Manufacturer Santa Fe Dehumidifiers (Mfg. Number: 4033038)


Step 1: Elevate Unit 6” in height.
Note: Feet can only provide 2 ½” height. Extra lift to be provided by installer.

Step 2: Knock inlet hole out of the condensate pump.

Step 3: Using a T25 Torx driver, remove two screws located on the side of the unit as shown.

Step 4: Attach the condensate pump assembly using the two screws as shown. Do not over tighten the screws.
Note: Make sure the unit is level by adjusting the feet height. Make sure bracket sets on the floor.

Step 5: Insert clamp onto 3/8” drain hose and then attach hose onto the barbed outlet fitting of the condensate pump. Tighten clamp. Verify hose is secured tightly to condensate pump by pulling gently on hose. Route hose appropriately to a drain.
Note: Do not exceed 10 ft. vertically when pumping to a drain above the unit.

Step 6: Attach 5/8” hose onto the barbed drain adaptor of the dehumidifier. Route hose to condensate pump as shown. Insert hose no more than 2” into condensate pump. It may be necessary to trim hose to properly fit.

Step 7: Plug the pump and dehumidifier cords into an outlet that is protected with A GFCI device on its circuit.

For pictures, refer to the product label on this page.

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    Must Have

    By Jim on 09/07/2018

    I don't know what you would do without a pump kit for your Dehumidifier, empyy a bowl of water every 15 minutes is what. My Santa Fe dehumidifier takes so much water out of the basement it is amazing. This pump kit mounts perfectly to my dehumidifier and the hose is super long, which in my case allowed me to run it outside to my flower beds.

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Questions & Answers

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When the Santa Fe Dehumidifier Pump Kit (4033038) is installed to the Santa Fe Advance 2, must the bottom of the pump be supported on the ground or a concrete block?

Or is it supported only by the furnished 2 screws? Can it be hanging freely only by the 2 screws, unsupported?


The Santa Fe Dehumidifier Pump Kit (4033038) is not designed to support the weight of the dehumidifier, so you must use something else to elevate the dehumidifier. Also, the unit needs to be elevated at least 6 inches off the ground, and the feet on the dehumidifier will only provide up to 2.5 inches of extra height. Please see the installation instructions for images and more details.

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Santa Fe Dehumidifier Pump Kit (4033038) 5 out of 5 stars Rating: 5 (1 Reviews / 1 Q&A)

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