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Creeping Charlie

How to Prevent Creeping Charlie Weed

How to Stop Creeping Charlie from Invading Your Lawn

By DoMyOwn staff

Creeping Charlie is a pervasive weed that can quickly cover large patches of your lawn. Learn how to keep Creeping Charlie out of your turf, read below to learn more.

Keep Your Lawn Healthy

Weeds are commonly found in lawns that are malnourished, spotty, and are either too damp or too dry. The key to a weed-free lawn is a healthy lawn.

Fertilize your lawn as needed. Use an at-home soil test kit or contact your local extension office to test your soil. Choose a fertilizer that contains the nutrients your lawn is lacking and apply as directed.

Overseed your lawn (add more grass seed) to fill in any bare spots. The best time to overseed depends on the type of turf you have. Most turfs should be overseeded in the fall or early spring. Consult our grass guides for further information on overseeding.

Creeping Charlie grows best in moist, shaded areas. Regulate the moisture of your lawn by landscaping and irrigating any areas where moisture collects. Cut back tree and shrub branches to let more light into your lawn. And be sure to only run the sprinkler as needed.

Apply a Pre-Emergent Herbicide

A pre-emergent herbicide will stop any weeds and roots in the ground before they germinate into the lawn. If you have had prior Creeping Charlie infestations in your lawn, a pre-emergent is the best way to stop more weeds from growing.

Select a pre-emergent herbicide labeled for Creeping Charlie or ground ivy and mix with water in a hand pump sprayer or add to a granular spreader according to the measurements on the product label. Spray your lawn, covering evenly. A second application may be necessary, consult the product label for application details.

The best time to apply a pre-emergent herbicide is in the early spring after the last frost of winter but before weeds begin to germinate. A fall application can also be made after the first frost of the fall but before the ground soil freezes for the winter.

If you think you have Creeping Charlie, you can learn how to get rid of Creeping Charlie, what Creeping Charlie looks like, or where Creeping Charlie grows.

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