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    Works Well

    By Rochelle on 06/15/2015

    The only thing is that there is no residual action. You have to spray at least twice if not three times to do the job. We have had great success using it for bedbugs. Not so much for roaches.

    Expert Response  Expert response:
    For roach control, we would recommend using a bait gel and an Insect Growth Regulator in conjunction with your residual spray. Please see our article on Roach Treatment for more information:

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    Did it's job

    By Mark on 01/14/2014

    Verified Purchase

    I was sweating as I pin streamed this product along all the beams and fascia of some brand new, dark stained, wood eaves. I came across 4 small wasp hives and spot treated to limit the product from spreading all over. I bought this product for the very thing I was sweating over. The dreaded residual streak. When it was wet I could see clearly where the product was. I was nervous. I left 1 of the hives, with the customers knowledge, so that I would have to come back to retrieve. A couple days later I returned and was elated to find no sign of a barrier! I carry 8 different active ingredients at any given time and I don't think any of the other products would have done such a clean job. So this is now my go to for those dark eaves, window/door trim. A few cons. It's really syrupy and pouring it was a little trick for the first few mixes. Also, as far as control goes it did have nice knockdown power but the residual wasn't too hot. Most of my houses are in good shape anyways, but it seemed like the following month after I used this a bit more activity was noticeable than usual. Overall, it's now a staple in my toolbox.

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    Transport mikron insecticide

    By Bob on 09/28/2016

    It worked great initially. Wish it had longer residual effect.

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    It Works!!

    By Alex on 09/03/2018

    We moved into a new development that seemed to have disturbed the ant population. Everyone here has problems with ants!! After a couple of years paying for a service to come and do their job (or in this case, not do their job, which is another story) one of the techs who was on his way out led me to this site and told me that Transport Mikron was what he recommended to buy. Domyown was fast and very helpful in everything I needed. Ever since I've been spraying on my own, I've noticed almost next to nothing when it comes to bugs. The only reason I'm giving a 4 star (which is really not this products fault) is the product holds up well in dry conditions but when we get these down pours that we get here in Maryland, it basically washes it away and you're back at spraying again.

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    Easy to use

    By Robert on 08/18/2015

    I am unsure how well this works. When I read the review it stated it is good for bed bugs. I am using it to spray furniture as it comes into my business as I am an upholster. I bought it just in case there was something in a product that came into my shop... I also use it around the house as a preventing bugs. You should try it.

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    Searching for the most best and reasonable solution

    By Jesse on 08/01/2016

    Well. I sprayed for roaches and its been two weeks and I'm still seeing a few roaches occasionally at nigh . Along now with the babies. I'm relying on the residue to take care of them all. I understand there's more medicine to use to get rid of them but I feel residue of this product should do the job it states that it does. I also sprayed around the outside of my house and it eliminated all the pest I had including black widows! I believe its too premature to rate this but so far so good. I did a room for bedbugs and it did well. Haven't been bitten once! Having more problems with the roaches but I believe they're coming from the neighbors house since it's been vacant for awhile it was full of junk but it recently got cleaned up. Counting on the residue

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