Compost Wizard EnviroTumbler - Black

Compost Wizard EnviroTumbler - Black
Compost Wizard EnviroTumbler - Black

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Product Overview

Compost Wizard EnviroTumbler - Black is a compost tumbler measuring 6.5 cubic feet that's essential to every garden enthusiast. This two-piece designed tumbler will help recycle food and lawn waste into fresh compost so it can be used for plant food, prevention of erosion or controlling of weeds. It features a rugged construction and it's made of 100% recycled plastic so it's guaranteed eco-friendly. It also highlights a 12-inch twist-off lid for easy access and to help keep it secured. It has a 4-gallon capacity wheeled base which conveniently collects compost tea for later use. It comes fully assembled so it's ready to use anytime.

Features and Specs

For use in Lawns and Gardens
Dimensions 28" x 25" x 24"
Color Black
Material / Construction 100% Recycled Polyethylene Plastic
Special Features Constructed of 100% recycled plastic and it comes with 4-gallon wheeled base which harvests compost tea
Warranty One year limited warranty on parts and service
Parts Included 6.5 cubic feet compost tumbler and 4-gallon base
Shipping Weight 26.00 lbs
Manufacturer Good Ideas, Inc. (Mfg. Number: CWET-BLK)
UPC 854518002502



  • Made of durable 100% recycled polyethylene plastic and is resistant to fading
  • Dark color absorbs heat for fast composting
  • Holds up to 6.5 cubic feet of compost
  • Rotate once a week - That's it!
  • 12-inch twist-off lid for easy access and security
  • Air vents create essential aeration
  • Can be rolled to any location for filling or dispensing
  • Wheeled base makes turning effortless and is completely detachable
  • Base also holds compost tea
  • Delivered fully assembled
  • 1-year limited manufacturer warranty
  • Made in USA


Setup and usage of the Compost Wizard, Compost Wizard Jr., Compost Wizard EnviroTumbler, Soil Machine PRO, Compost Wizard Dueling Tumbler:

  1. Locate an area that receives plenty of sun for most of the day. If you live in a hotter geographical climate, partial shade is preferred. Optimal composting temperatures are between 120-degree -150-degree Fahrenheit 49-degree - 65-degree Celsius) inside the drum.
  2. Place the composter’s base on the ground and set the drum on top so the wheels are aligned with the drum’s track.
  3. Unscrew the lid and put in organic material - 2 parts Brown to 1 part Green (see Composting Ingredients Chart below for examples). Fill between 1/2 - 3/4 full (2/3 full recommended). DO NOT fill completely. DO NOT add more material (see step 4 for exceptions); Wait until current batch is complete, remove compost, and start a new batch.
  4. Rotate at least once a week. If your batch is too dry, add more Green ingredients or water. If your batch is too wet, add more Brown ingredients.
  5. Compost will be ready when it is dark and crumbly. If you squeeze a handful, it should produce small amounts of liquid (compost tea).
  6. Use compost as mulch, potting soil, or spread like fertilizer.

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