Contrac Super Size Blox Rodenticide

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Contrac Super Size Blox Rodenticide
Contrac Super Size Blox Rodenticide

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4.5 out of 5 stars Rating: 4.6

7 Reviews | 4 Q&A

Product Overview

Contrac Super Size Blox are eight times larger than the normal 1 oz. Contrac Blox Bait. These larger rodenticide bait blox work well for heavier rodent infestations and in sewer environments. One 8 oz. super bait block may provide enough bait to kill up to eight rats. Contrac All-weather Blox are professional multi-edged, single feeding Rat and Mouse baits with an optimal blend of food-grade ingredients that are very attractive to rodents

Note: Due to California state restrictions, this product cannot be sold to California residents.

Features and Specs

Active Ingredient Bromadiolone 0.005%
Target pests Rats and Mice
Application Recommend Changing Bait out every 40-60 days if not eaten
Very Cold or Warm Temperatures will Mold or Sour the bait faster
Yield Each 8 oz. blox measures 3.75 X 2 X 2 inches
Formulation Professional Product
VT (Restricted To Licensed Applicators Only)
Shelf Life If unopened and sealed, it will last 2-3 years if kept away from extreme temperatures
Once opened, should last 1 year in normal conditions
Color Blue
Time to Kill 1-5 Days
Shipping Weight 21.15 lbs
Manufacturer Bell Labs (Mfg. Number: CB4040)
EPA Registration 12455-82



Burrow baiting with Contrac Super Size Blox is prohibited.

This is especially suited for wet or damp areas, such as sewers. Do not place near or inside ventilation duct openings. Do not contaminate water, food, feedstuffs, food or feed handling equipment, or milk or meat handling equipment or surfaces that come into direct contact with food. When used in USDA inspected facilities, this must be applied in tamper-resistant bait stations. Do not broadcast bait.


Determine areas where rats will most likely find and consume the bait. Generally, these areas are along walls, by gnawed openings, in corners and concealed places, between floors and walls, or in locations where rodents or their signs have been seen. Protect bait from rain and snow. Remove as much alternative food as possible.


Apply 1 or 2 bait blocks per placement. One-8 oz. bait block may provide enough bait to kill two to eight rats. Use two blocks only at points of extremely high rat activity. Space placements at appropriate intervals - usually 15 to 30 feet apart. Maintain an uninterrupted supply of fresh bait for at least 10 days or until signs of rat activity cease.

Replace contaminated or spoiled bait immediately. Wearing gloves, collect and dispose of all dead, exposed animals and leftover bait. To prevent reinfestation, limit sources of rodent food, water, and harborage as much as possible. If reinfestation does occur, repeat treatment. Where a continuous source of infestation is present, establish permanent bait stations and replenish as needed.

For sewer applications, run a wire through the holes in the bait blocks and attach the wire to a stationary structure such as the bottom step of a manhole ladder or to a sewer grate, allowing just enough wire for the blocks to rest on manhole benching. If benching is not present, suspend bait block a few inches above the high water line or place blocks on a board supported by opposing steps of a ladder. Securing blocks in this manner will minimize the chances for removal by rats or water. Place at least 12 bait blocks per manhole.

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  • 5 of 5 Stars

    Absolutely the best product, and best price, too!

    By Nice on 06/14/2011

    Verified Purchase

    I order a big box of these Super Size Contrac Blox every 6 months. I keep rats out of our crawl spaces and attic by rimming our property (line) every 35-50 feet with locked bait boxes that are designed to hold the Super Size Blox perfectly. We change the bait every 6 weeks. No more rats in the crawl spaces and attic of our home!!! This plan works beautifully in our riparian environment and is the best solution we've had to a constant problem. No muss, no fuss. Thanks!

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  • 5 of 5 Stars

    They love it!

    By Steven on 09/12/2012

    Verified Purchase

    We reordered and every mouse, rat, and possum has come to the house for dinner! What a business. It looks like we will be reordering for years! The stuff attracts more critters than it kills. So, what can you do? Life is a bitch and everything seems to be either a compromise or an illusion. We will soldier on..........Steven

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    7 of 10 people found this review helpful

  • 5 of 5 Stars

    Dear Still Waiting

    By Jim on 11/18/2016

    The rats eat it and go back to the nest and die. This stuff is not instantaneous. Using it for years and hardly ever see a corpse and hardly ever an odor.

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    3 of 4 people found this review helpful

  • 2 of 5 Stars

    still waiting

    By Jonathan on 09/08/2016

    Poison gone but nothing dead at least not noticeable still waiting and hoping

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  • 5 of 5 Stars


    By Phillip on 08/16/2019

    Kills rats and mice. Now notice, wild rabbits are eating it too and kills them. I live in the country and this really helps a lot. Recommend this for anyone with mice, rats, or rabbit problems.

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Questions & Answers

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What antidote is there if a dog eats a half of a Contrac Blox?
There is an antidote available at the veterinarian office called vitamin K1. If your dog did actually eat some of the bait you do need to take him/her to the vet as soon as possible with a printout of the Contrac PRODUCT LABEL and a print out of the MSDS so the vet will know how to treat the dog.

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My dog ate one Contrac Blox Super Size, Will she live? What does this do?

What are the effective compounds?

We recommend that you contact your vet immediately. They can offer an antidote and the care your dog may need if your dog is acting abnormal or showing signs of illness. The Contrac Blox Super Size is a rodenticide. I have attached the MSDS so you have that available. The MSDS of the Contrac Blox Super Size states the signs after ingestion include: Nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, extreme thirst, lethargy, diarrhea, bleeding.

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If a dog or cat ate a mouse or rat that was dead by a rodenticde can they also be poisoned?
Contrac Blox Super Size has a reduced risk of secondary poisonings and is less likely to harm animals that ingest poisoned rodents. Although, most cats and dogs will not actually eat the dead rodent. They tend to play with it, not actually ingest it.

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I need dog friendly rodent bait. I have boxes. What kind do I order? I have 2 acres with 28 kennels.
With all of our Contrac Blox Super Size, as well as all the other blocks that we sell, we do recommend that you keep out of reach of children, pets, domestic animals and non-target wildlife, or in tamper-resistant bait stations. If you have bait stations, we do recommend that you use them with bait station anchors so that the animals are not able to move the boxes.

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Contrac Super Size Blox Rodenticide 4.5 out of 5 stars Rating: 4.6 (7 Reviews / 4 Q&A)

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