Deer Scram Professional

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Deer Scram Professional

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4.5 out of 5 stars Rating: 4.3

126 Reviews | 18 Q&A

Product Overview

Deer Scram Professional is an organic product designed to frighten deer away from desirable areas of vegetation through a scent that deer associate with death. Deer Scram Professional works to repel deer before they ever start to damage plants, flowers, and shrubs.

Deer Scram Professional will provide 30 days of protection under normal irrigation and rainfall conditions, and up to 90 days in the winter even working under fresh snow. You may need to reapply after heavier than normal rains.

*Please Note: Deer Scram Professional does not come with a scoop.  

Features and Specs

Active Ingredient Blood meal - 42% Garlic - 4% Red Pepper - 2.8% Cloves - 1.5%
Target pests Deer
For use in Plots, Garden Beds, Rows of Trees, Shrubs, Flowers or other edibles at risk for deer browsing damage
Application Starting 15 inches from the edge of the landscaped area, apply a 20 inch wide band around the perimeter of the bed
- Find where the deer are entering the property and apply 3 strips across the deer path, 5 feet apart
Pet safe Yes, when used as directed on label
Yield 25 lbs. will provide 1,440 linear feet of protective strips (protecting approx. up to a maximum of 27,900 square feet based on 18 in. strips)
Shipping Weight 27.10 lbs
Manufacturer EPIC Repellents
UPC 186955000552


Made in the USA.

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  • 4 of 5 Stars


    By Tom on 11/30/2012

    Verified Purchase

    This is the best anti deer product I have ever used. I like it - my neighbor does not .. the deer now graze in his yard. If you plan to use this product get the pro type - it is worth the dif. Tc/says

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  • 5 of 5 Stars

    Great Deer Deterrent

    By Lynda on 04/03/2013

    Verified Purchase

    I have used Deer Scram for 2 years & find it works the best of the many many things that I have tried. I just finished the last of my regular Deer Scram & I'm looking forward to this Professional version. The price is outstanding! I plan to put it into a plastic jug with a handle & lid, (for convenience) & sprinkle away. The deer seem to be getting less timid & more agressive. I highly recommend Deer works!

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  • 1 of 5 Stars

    Deer Scram Repellent

    By Ray on 10/20/2013

    Verified Purchase

    Bought the product to protect our forever rose bushes. Made a perimeter around the 7 bushes starting approx. 25 feet away from bushes, made 3 foot wide runs with a 3 foot wide buffer in between (3each, 3 foot wide Deer Scram runs in each buffer) also product was spread around each plant. Used approx. 70% of the Deer Scram for the above. It was not successfull in repelling the deer.

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  • 3 of 5 Stars

    Mixed Results

    By Anonymous on 06/10/2013

    I live in Alamo, California and I have a large yard with lots of fruit trees and a small vineyard. I bought some Deer Scram last year that seemed to work. Then earlier this year, a mother deer gave birth to four baby deers in my next-door neighbor's yard, and they really make this place their home. The baby deers grew more voracious every day, so I bought this big jar of Deer Scram to protect my young fruit trees. But the deers keep devouring everything that I planted. I think a strong fence is the only sure defense against deers. You are only trying your luck with non-fence methods such as smell (I have also tried other deer repellants that smells so bad that repels human but does nothing to deers. In this regard, Deer Scram is still one of the best out there), taste, or sound, and use only when a fence is not possible. Good luck!

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  • 5 of 5 Stars

    Saving the yard and investment

    By Frank on 08/15/2013

    Verified Purchase

    Deer Scram is by far the best product that works to deter them from damaging your yard. I tested with and without this product. The difference with deer scram is that it steers them to other places. Deer become uninterested in my plants and are growing nicely.

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Questions & Answers

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How long does Deer Scram last on the ground when there's no rain?

How often should this be reapplied as a barrier in a dry climate when there is little rain? If it does rain, often times it is light. Would the product need to be reapplied then?

Deer Scram will last for 30 to 45 days per the product label.  Light rainfall actually enhances the product.  If you have a heavy rain, the product may need to be reapplied.

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How safe is Deer Scram around children and pets?
Deer Scram is an organic product made up of organic material. Being that this is an orgainc product it is safe for children to be around. Also, this product has an odor that poses unattractive to children

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New to using Deer Scram. How to spread?

We have 98 small trees that the deer rut on. We ordered Deer Scram and want to use it to keep them away but do not know how to use. What do I put it in to spread? How wide a swath do I need? How far from the trees do I spread it?


For the first application, use Deer Scram aggressively. You will use 18 inches from a bed or drip line of a tree. You will apply an 18-20 inch perimeter barrier strip around groups, plots, beds, rows of trees, etc. every 30 days.The professional grade is intended to be used with a spreader.

You will need to reapply after every heavy rainfall. Deer Scram lasts for up to 90 days in winter and works will under snow. If the snow crusts, break up and re-apply the product.

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Is Deer Scram Professional harmful to flowering plants if applied on or near the flowers?

Some deer scram fell on the flowers and leaves of the plants. Will deer scram on the flowers and leaves harm these plants?


Deer Scram Professional is not harmful to plants or flowers.

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Are there any human detectable odors associated with Deer Scram?

Is there any per acre restrictions.

Yes, you will be able to smell the product when it is first applied. There is not an acreage restriction on the application.

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Deer Scram Professional 4.5 out of 5 stars Rating: 4.3 (126 Reviews / 18 Q&A)

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