Armyworm & Sod Webworm Control

Lawn pests can inflict serious damage on your yard. Turf-damaging lawn caterpillars like Armyworms and Sod Webworms can cause major harm to your grass. The first step of any treatment plan when dealing with pests like lawn worms is to identify the lawn-damaging insect. 


Lawn Pest Identification

Find what type of pest is destroying your lawn and learn the best way to kill them. Armyworm larvae are small dark caterpillars with long stripes that run the length of their bodies and an upside-down "Y" marking on their head. Fall armyworms are considered the most destructive. Sod Webworms can be a variety of colors and will have dark spots on their heads. They are small caterpillars that will curl up into balls when disturbed.

Both of these lawn caterpillars will hatch into adult moths. Other common lawn pests to look out for include Grubs, Chinch Bugs, and Cutworms.


Lawn Pest Inspection

Once you have identified what type of lawn pest is infesting your yard, you can inspect your yard for pests and prepare to treat the problem.

Check for armyworm activity in the late summer and early fall when the sun goes down. Fall army worms like fescue, rye, bermuda, and bluegrass, but will destroy other healthy plants if given the opportunity. 

Sod webworms make for more of a difficult lawn inspection as the adult moths typically lay up to 200 eggs randomly around the yard. Keep an eye out for sod webworm damage in the late spring when they will be feeding on grass. If your yard is infested, you will see the worst of the damage in July and August.


Lawn Pest Treatment

Stop lawn pests from destroying your lawn with a DIY treatment plan. Using a liquid insecticide can be an effective way to control lawn-damaging pests like armyworms and sod webworms. You can also try a non-chemical control solution to get rid of these pests. Find the right professional-grade products and learn how to kill lawn pests using our step-by-step treatment guides:



Lawn Pest Prevention

Keep lawn pests out of your yard. You can prevent armyworms from infesting your property by keeping your yard clear of hiding places like thatch, maintaining a healthy lawn, and applying a preventive insecticide. Keep sod webworms away by preventing adult moths from laying eggs in your yard. While difficult, maintaining a healthy lawn and clearing it of thatch can help prevent these pests. 

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