Musca-Stik Jr. Sticky Fly Trap - 12" long


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Musca-Stik Jr. Sticky Fly Trap - 12\ case (12 traps)

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Musca-Stik Jr. Sticky Fly Trap - 12\
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Musca-Stik Sticky Fly Trap is a insecticide free, odor free fly trap that has double the power with its signature Musca-Flo orange color and the powerful sex pheromone, Muscalure. It is disposable and easy to use fly ribbon that is perfect for indoors, outdoors and in food handling areas to control flies and other listed pests. This fly trap measures 12 inches in length.


1. Choose an area on ceilings or exposed rafters out of reach of children and animals to hang Musca-Stik.

2. Carefully remove Musca-Stik from package. Sprinkle attractant granules over length of trap or pour into bottom plastic end-cap. Pull out hook and hang. (Note: Save the box for later disposal of Musca-Stik)

3. Replace the Musca-Stik when 80% or more of the exposed surface is covered with trapped insects. Dispose of unit by placing in original box or appropriate garbage bag.

4. Surface of the trap is extremely sticky, but not poisonous.

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    4 of 5 stars  Awesome
    By Katherine in Downey,CA on 12/30/2016

    I bought 10 of these sticks because of a bad fly problem we've been trying to get under control. Our colt now has to have weekly injections because she is allergic to fly larvae! UGH ! I bought these as a last attempt to control the problem and they work fantastically...they catch so many flies I need to change more often than expected, so it becomes a little pricey and I have to alternate which serves no purpose.

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  • 5 of 5 stars  Great product
    By William in Logan, Utah on 08/30/2017

    Really great product that really works and at a really great price! I will order these again and other products again. The shipping was a little slow. I honestly thought it must have gotten lost somewhere en route. It probably took close to three weeks to get from GA to UT. Everything else was perfect!

    Expert Response   Expert response:
    We apologize your package was delayed and for any inconvenience it may have caused you! We shipped it within one business of the order being placed. It does look like it was delayed in transit, though we are not sure why. We will be sure to notify UPS of this issue to hopefully prevent it from happening in the future. Thank you for your feedback and your business!

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  • 3 of 5 stars  Mixed Results
    By Joe in Bensalem Pa on 07/13/2018

    I was hoping it would attract more flies. It doesn't do a bad job but I thought results would be a little better. It does attract Japanese beetles and wasps, which is a plus. Waiting for the dreaded Yellowjackets to emerge in late Summer, as I saw on YouTube, they love this thing.

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06/05/2016 Betty from Canton, Ga

QHow do you clean the bugs off of the Musca-Stick Jr. - 12" long?


When using the Musca-Stick Jr. - 12" long you would not clean the bugs off of the trap as it is designed to trap flies and insects on contact.  Once filled 50% or more it should be disposed of in the original box or garbage bag.

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08/29/2016 Joe

QCan anything be used as a solvent for a Musca-Stick Jr. - 12" long that is stuck to my arm?


If the Musca-Stick Jr. - 12" long gets stuck to  your skin, you should be able to use vegetable oil to loosen the glue up.

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