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Nortica 5% WP bag (35 lbs.)
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Nortica 5% WP

Nortica 5% WP is the first biological product proven to manage nematode problems. The naturally occurring active ingredient is actually a living bacteria called Bacillus firmus, which protects turf roots from nematodes while delivering exceptional benefits to the root systems. Roots grow deeper, and turf looks healthier.

A fresh approach to nematode management

  • Naturally occurring active ingredient manages nematodes before the problem starts
  • Improved turf quality, density and color for highly playable turf
  • Sprayable for easy application with no course closure
  • Proven management of lance, sting and root knot nematodes

Product Documents

Preparation of NORTICA suspension
Add NORTICA to water at a minimum ratio of 1 part NORTICA to 5 parts water and
maintain continuous agitation.
1. Drenching
Preparation of suspension: Add water to NORTICA in the ratio of 2 lbs. NORTICA to a
minimum of 1 gallon of water and stir constantly.
Calculation of the NORTICA dose per dripper: Divide the recommended NORTICA rate
per acre by the number of dripper lines per acre.
Drenching: Drench around the dripper with the use of a measuring cup or measuring
2. Spray applications
Apply NORTICA through most standard spray nozzles. Do not exceed a 20%
concentration of the suspension (approximately 150 lbs. NORTICA per 100 gallons
water). The NORTICA suspension has been evaluated for phytotoxicity on a range of
turfgrasses such as creeping bentgrass, common and ultra-dwarf bermudagrass and
no phytotoxicity has been observed. However, due to the number of species and
cultivars of turfgrass, it is impossible to test every one for tolerance to NORTICA. The
professional user should determine if NORTICA could be used safely prior to
commercial use. Test the prescribed rates on a small area for phytotoxicity prior to
widespread use. Before using NORTICA in tank mixture with other products and
adjuvants, test the mixture on a small area for phytotoxicity prior to widespread use.
Factors affecting turf safety are temperature, humidity and other environmental factors.
A 5% concentration has been found to be safe. After application of NORTICA, irrigate
to remove product from foliage and to ensure it reaches the soil.
NORTICA may be applied to turf by foliar spray.

Agitate the solution and apply directly to the soil or turf. Continue irrigation to wet the
upper 4 inches of soil.
New Turf Grow-Ins: Optimal results are obtained by making the first application 2 to 7
days prior to seeding, sprigging, laying sod or at the time of seeding, sprigging or
sodding. Maintain soil moisture until seeds, sprigs or sod is installed.
Warm Season Turf: Optimal results are obtained by making the first application before
the first flush of roots.

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01/28/2013 Mabe from Wilmington, Delaware

QDo you have smaller package size for Nortica 5% WP?
I want try Nortica 5% WP.35bl. is too much to me. could you tell me where can buy smaller package of Nortica 5%WP. actually first time I just want 5-10 pounds. thank you so very much!

AUnfortunately Nortica 5% WP is a professional product and as such, does not come in smaller packages. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

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09/06/2014 John from Los Angeles, Ca

QIf you could break Nortica 5% WP into smaller amounts for the consumer you would likely have quite a bit of interest.

AWhile we understand that the cost of the Nortica 5% WP is out of some customers price range, it is a professional grade product only available in the 35 lb bag and we are not able to break it up into smaller quantities as we are not a manufacturer only a retailer.

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07/11/2014 John from The Villages Fl

QHow much coverage can you expect per pound of Nortica?

APer the Nortica 5% WP product label 0.7 to 2.3 lbs is applied per 1000 sqft.

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