Orcon Decollate Snails (100 live adults) (DS-C100)


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Orcon Decollate Snails (100 live adults) (DS-C100) tub (100 snails) (DS-C100)
Decollate Snails are only shipped to Southern California addresses, ZIP codes 90000-93499. Please call our customer service at Toll Free: 866-581-7378 to place your order. THIS PRODUCT IS OUT OF STOCK UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. NO ETA IS AVAILABLE. 
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Orcon Decollate Snails (100 live adults) (DS-C100)

The Orcon Decollate Snails (100 live adults) (DS-C100) is used to control damaging slugs and brown garden snails from your plants. Once released, they live under rocks, leaf mulch or in the first few inches of moist top soil. They start working at night by hunting and attacking the common target pests and the egg masses. They also consume dead leaves, but they do not eat healthy plants. Decollates live for about two years and lay about 2000 eggs a year. Once purchased, product includes 100 live adults per container.

Note: Decollate Snails are only shipped to Southern California addresses, ZIP codes 90000-93499.

Decollate Snails

USE: Decollate snails attack the common brown garden snail (Helix snail) and the snail’s eggs. They eat decaying plant material only when they cannot find snails, but will always favor pest snails if they are existing.

RELEASE: The best time is in the late afternoon or evening. Thoroughly water the area where they are to be released. Put them out in groups of 3 or 4 in areas where they are likely to find brown snails to eat. The more pest snail breeding areas you treat with decollates the better the results.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Snail poisons and baits should not be used for 30 days prior to their release. This can be less if the area has been regularly watered. Chemical fertilizers should also be discontinued for a couple of months while the decollates are getting established. To help get them started, you may feed them squashed rabbit food pellets, brown snails or dead leaves.

LIFE CYCLE: Decollates have a two year life span and during that time will lay as many as 2,000 eggs. After hatching, maturity takes about five months. They normally live in the upper inch of the soil, just under the surface, and for this reason you may not see much of them after you release them. But when it rains or the area is watered, they will come to the surface to feed on brown snails. They normally do not climb fences or walls unless they get flooded out.

GENERAL INFORMATION: Using decollate snails can be an effective way to control pest snails, but it does not happen overnight. It takes a few weeks for them to get established in their new environment and have a noticeable effect on the pest snail population, and a year or more to really take control.

In times of stress, the decollate retreats into its shell and seals itself in with a membrane across the opening to conserve moisture. They appear to be dead and can exist this way for weeks. Contact with water usually brings them back to activity. If some do not emerge from their shell, they may be submerged in a pan of water for 3 or 4 minutes and then released.

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