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  • Controls all major termite species
  • Best-in-class control of outdoor ants
  • Protects homes for up to 10 years as in-ground termite barrier

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Product Overview

For a better value try Taurus SC. Taurus SC is also available in a larger 78 oz. size and 2.5 gallon size

Termidor SC (the SC stands for Suspended Concentrate) is an excellent professional termite control product for killing termites and protecting your home from future infestations. In addition to its superior protection against termites, Termidor is an excellent do it yourself pest control product to have on hand as it also kills ant colonies, as well as many other insect pests. Termidor will protect your home and eliminate almost any termite problem in less than 90 days. In addition, when used as an in-ground barrier treatment, Termidor will protect your home or business for over 10 years. Termidor is completely undetectable by termites and once termites touch it they contact, ingest and spread the termiticide until it eliminates the entire colony. Termidor controls all types of termites including subterranean, formosan, and drywood termites.

Termidor SC is also one of the best outdoor ant control products that money can buy. An exterior above ground spray one foot up and one foot out is all you need to knock out ant colonies and carpenter ants trying to invade your home!

Want to know how to get rid of crazy rasberry ants or how to treat crazy rasberry ants?  Termidor is the answer for crazy rasberry ant control, as well as all other ant species.

Termidor is labeled for OUTDOOR use only.  It can only be used indoors to spot treat termite or certain insect activity inside wall voids (for example when treating a live termite infestation in a wall void). It cannot be used indoors for ant or pest control other than inside wall voids.

Termidor CANNOT be used on pets for any reason.

Termidor SC is not labeled for fire ants and cannot be used out in yards for ant mound control.

NOTE: This product is not approved for use in the state of Louisana for Post-Construction Treatments.

Also see: How to do a termite treatment

Features and Specs

Active Ingredient Fipronil 9.1%
Target pests Termites, Carpenter Ants, Crazy Ants, Argentine Ants and other ant species including crazy rasberry ants (please see the label). Also labeled as an outside perimeter pest control treatment only for the following pests: Asian Beetles, Boxelder Bugs, Pill Bugs, Centipedes, Cockroaches (Australian, Oriental, Smokey Brown), Crickets, Earwigs, Cluster Flies, Millipedes, Silverfish, Spiders, Brown Dog Ticks, Paper Wasps, and Yellow Jackets
* Note: Termidor is Not a Knockdown insecticide for Wasps and Yellow Jackets
For use in Outdoor Use Only
Indoor Spraying is Limited to Spot Treatments for Live Termite Infestations
* Can NOT be Used Indoors for Ant or Insect Control
* See label for complete application instructions
Application Termite control: 0.80 oz. per gallon of water
Termite Control, 20 oz. will make 25 Gallons of Solution and will Treat 60 Lineal Feet of Trenching
Termite Pre-Treatment: Use 1 gallon of finished solution per 10 sq. ft.

Ant & General Insect Control for the Outside Perimeter:
Use 0.80 oz per gallon of water
Each 20 oz. bottle will make 24 Gallons of Solution and will Treat 16,600 sq. ft.
* Will Need to Use 1.5 gallons of solution per 1,000 sq. ft.
* See label for complete application instructions
FOR CALIFORNIA APPLICATION, see bottom description
Pet safe Yes, when used as directed on label
* Termidor is Safe around Dogs & Cats When Used OUTSIDE Only
* Do Not Use Termidor Directly On Pets
Yield For Termite Control, each 20 oz bottle will make 25 gallons of solution and treats 60 lineal feet of trenching. For termite pre-treat use 1 gallon of finished solution per 10 sq. ft.
Formulation Professional Product
Group 2B Insecticide
CT, IN, NY - Restricted to Commercial Applicators Only.
Special Features Non-Repellent and the Most Used Termite Control Termiticide by Professionals
Time to Kill May take up to 90 days to Kill Termites Depending on the Colony Size
Shipping Weight 1.60 lbs
Manufacturer BASF (Mfg. Number: 59021467)
UPC 804338214678
EPA Registration 7969-210


How To Apply Termidor SC - Termidor Termite Treatment (Video)

Article: How to do a Termite Treatment

How Termidor SC Works

Advanced undetectable technology
Termidor is made from a revolutionary new nonrepellent or "undetectable" chemical technology treatment. That means termites cannot see, smell, taste, or avoid Termidor. Instead they contact, ingest, and share it with their nestmates. This is in sharp contrast to older liquid termite controls, which rely on repellent barriers that termites can find breaks in or avoid completely.

The "Transfer Effect"
Termites who contact Termidor transfer it to every other termite they in turn contact, in a unique process called the "Transfer Effect." And because Termidor is engineered to be slow-acting, termites have ample time to spread it throughout their entire termite population.

Better than bait... without the wait
Baits can take years to control a termite colony. Termidor begins working immediately to wipe out termites inside and immediately surrounding your home. Termidor is the most effective and fastest at completely eliminating termite populations--up to six-times faster than bait.

Termidor for Ant Control:

Chances are that the ants in your house actually have their nest outside where they travel back and forth for food and water. So, since they live outside, it makes sense to control them there. Termidor SC can be applied above ground to the exterior foundation walls of your house, creating a treated area of protection for excellent ant control.

Unlike older insecticides, Termidor can't be smelled, tasted, or even felt by ants. So they crawl through the treated area, not knowing that by ingesting treated materials or merely contacting the insecticide, they'll die.

Termidor is unique because ants not directly exposed to the Termidor-treated area will be controlled as they come into contact with affected ants. This Transfer Effect means you'll see its effects on ants in one to three days, and most species will be controlled within the first week following the treatment.

Termidor for Carpenter Ants

Many people ask us if Termidor SC can be used to treat Carpenter Ants. The answer is yes. Termidor SC is one of the most effective products on the market today for treating Carpenter Ants.

  • Termidor SC may take up to 90 days to kill termites depending on the colony size.

Termidor SC Target Pests

Termites, Carpenter Ants, Crazy Ants, Argentine Ants and other ant species including crazy rasberry ants (please see the Talstar P Professional Insecticide Label). Also labeled as an outside perimeter pest control treatment only for the following pests: Asian Beetles, Boxelder Bugs, Pill Bugs, Centipedes, Cockroaches (Australian, Oriental, Smokey Brown), Crickets, Earwigs, Cluster Flies, Millipedes, Silverfish, Spiders, Brown Dog Ticks, Paper Wasps, and Yellow Jackets.

Note: Termidor is not a knockdown insecticide for wasps and yellow jackets.

PESTS CONTROLLED WITH TERMIDOR SC: Termites; Subterranean termites including species of Reticulitermes, Zootermopsis, Heterotermes, and Coptotermes; ants (acrobat, Argentine, big-headed, carpenter, crazy, odorous, pavement, pharaoh, thief), beetles (Asian lady, darkling); bugs (box-elder, pill); centipedes; cockroaches (Australian, Oriental, smokey brown); house crickets; European earwigs; cluster flies; millipedes; silverfish; spiders (black widow, brown recluse, cellar, hobo); brown dog ticks; paper wasps; yellow jackets

Target Uses of Termidor SC

Termidor SC is the termiticide most widely used by professional pest control companies. It is also terrific for ant control outdoors around the perimeter of structures. Termidor SC can be used for pre-construction and post-construction termite treatments, for prevention and for active infestations. Termidor SC is also labeled for several other crawling pests as an outdoor perimeter treatment.


Termidor SC Application Instructions

  1. For Termite Control: To protect your home from future termite infestations, Termidor must be mixed with water and poured in a 6-inch deep trench that is dug around the foundation of the home. Please read below for more information.
  2. For Control of Ants and other Target Pests: Termidor is mixed at a rate of .80 fl oz. to one gallon of water in a pump sprayer and sprayed around the outside foundation of the home. For example, you would spray 1 foot up the foundation of your home, and 1 foot out onto the ground.  The treatment will last about 4-6  months, and will then need to be reapplied.

For Termite Control, each 20 oz. bottle will make 24 gallons of solution and treats 60 lineal feet of trenching. For termite pre-treatment use 1 gallon of finished solution per 10 sq. ft.  For ant and general insect control, each 20 oz. bottle will make about 24 gallons of diluted solution and will treat approximately 16,600 sq. ft. (You will need to use approximately 1.5 gal of diluted solution per 1,000 sq. ft.)

Standard Application Dilution Rates / Mixing Rations for Termidor SC:

 * For Termite control mix at a rate of 0.80 fl. oz. for each gallon of water used.

 * For ant and general insect control around the exterior of a structure the mix rate is 0.80 fl. oz. per gallon of water.


How much Termidor should I buy?

  • One 20 oz. bottle of Termidor will make 24 gallons of finished solution and will treat approx. 60 lineal feet around your home for a termite treatment.
  • Use 4 gallons of finished solution per 10 lineal feet around the house.

Example: A home with 200 lineal feet around the foundation would require 4 bottles of Termidor. Most homes require at least 4 bottles.

Termidor SC is for use in the following areas:

Outside surfaces and along foundation of Residential, institutional, commercial and industrial buildings and utility enclosures; wall voids of listed structures; NOT for indoor use; for pre-construction and post-construction treatment for termites, including concrete structures such as patios, porches, sidewalks and foundation slabs; concrete slab (including monolithic, floating and supported concrete slabs) on ground or in basements; hollow block foundations or voids in masonry; structures with French drains and sump pumps; basement structures; crawl spaces; around bath traps and shower drains; posts, poles, and wood landscape ornamentation


  • Termidor SC is for Outdoor use only. Indoor spraying is limited to spot treatments for live termite infestations. The product cannot be used indoors for ant or pest control.


Termite Control – See How to Do a Termite Treatment

Termidor is most often used as an in-ground treatment, where it is mixed and then poured in a trench around a house to create a barrier against future termite infestations. However, the product can also be applied to live termite infestations as a liquid spray, liquid dilution or as a foam application.

A professional company that would come and treat your house with Termidor would usually have either a 50 gallon or 100 gallon spray rig on the back of their truck, with a hammer drill for drilling holes in your garage concrete slab, if you have one, and slabs around your house like porches and patios. Commercial rental places, such as United Rentals, may have these products.

Most homeowners that apply Termidor themselves use a 5 gallon bucket. It takes longer, because you can only mix 5 gallons at a time, but it gets the job done. You should apply 4 gallons of Termidor every 10 lineal feet around the foundation of your home. Homeowners can estimate 4 gallons by using a 5 gallon bucket and only filling the bucket most of the way full. You will need to dig a small trench against the foundation of the home about 6 inches deep and 6 inches wide, into which you will pour the finished solution and mix it with the soil. It is also important to treat the backfill, which is the dirt that you took out of the trench laying next to it. If you just put this dirt back untreated, the termites could go through this untreated section and not be affected. You should either push the dirt back in right away to mix with the 4 gallons you put in the trench, or take a one gallon sprayer and soak the backfill dirt down before pushing it back in the trench. This will create a termite-proof barrier around your home that will last up to 10 years. Please read the label carefully when applying Termidor as it will give more detailed instructions and precautions.

Termidor SC Features

  • Most widely used termite control product by professional companies.
  • Pet safe when used as directed (Termidor is safe around pets such as dogs and cats when used OUTSIDE only and mixed and applied as directed. Termidor is not labeled for use directly on pets.
  • Convenient tip-and-pour bottle design makes measuring easy.
  • Shelf life of 5 years if stored out of direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.
  • An in-ground termite treatment with Termidor SC last for 10+ years.
  • Easier, faster, and more effective than bait stations.
  • Controls all types of termites including subterranean, Formosan, and drywood termites.
  • The best product for invasive ant species such as crazy rasberry ants.
  • Foam applications may be made in voids for above ground termite infestations.

Extra Tips for Using Termidor SC

  • Do not make applications when precipitation is occurring.
  • Do not treat soil that is water-saturated or frozen.
  • Do not apply Termidor SC within 5 feet of a well or cistern. Treatment within 5 to 10 feet of a well or cistern must be done by backfill method only (removing the dirt to be treated and replacing it after it has been treated elsewhere or in a container such as a wheelbarrow).

Compare to: Taurus SC


DO NOT apply to garage doors, driveway, vertical surfaces above the driveway or garage door, or to cracks and crevices leading or adjacent to the driveway such as the expansion joint between garage and driveway.

ONLY use of the 0.03% Termidor SC finished dilution is permitted.

DO NOT apply more than 4 times a year.

DO NOT re-apply at intervals less than 60 days.

For foundation exterior perimeter treatments, apply TERMIDOR SC finished dilution as a low pressure (25 PSI or less at the nozzle) coarse general surface spray along the foundation exterior perimeter to an area six inches up and six inches out from where the ground meets the foundation.

DO NOT apply spray bandwidth at greater than 6 inches out or up where the foundation meets the ground.

DO NOT make application on any date between November 1 and February 28.

  • 5 of 5 Stars

    The Writing on the Wall

    By Greg on 01/31/2010

    Verified Purchase

    As a termite sales representative for a major pest control company I saw the “writing on the wall” several years ago when Termidor first became available. Why would someone pay thousands of dollars for a termite treatment and hundreds of dollars every year to maintain a guarantee when a product so easy to use and so effective was available. Two years ago, after leaving the Company, I discovered that my house was re-infested with termites. I spot treated the area where I found the termites with Termidor purchased from Do My Own Pest Control and I placed some wood monitors in the area a few weeks later; they took no hits. This past Summer I noticed some damage on my siding and as I continued to pull off pieces I found a lot of termite damage, but no termites. Termidor works because the treatment does not have to be perfect. Get some in the area where they are active and they will carry it back to the colony. There is no need to pay for costly drilling inside your home anymore.

    Was this review helpful to you?  YesNo

    1099 of 1140 people found this review helpful

  • 5 of 5 Stars

    Knocked out my ant problem!

    By Charles on 08/29/2008

    First, I was impressed with just the bottle. Termidor SC is designed so you can pour exactly the right amount of mix with no trouble. Second, I have had a chronic carpenter ant problem for years. It costs a minimum of $200 for a professional to do 1 treatment, or $350 for a year. For about $70 total and 20 minutes of my time, I knocked out the ant problem. I have enough left over for at least three years. All the ants running up and down and inside my house walls disappeared in a couple of hours. There are dead ants everywhere outdoors, with a couple staggering around in circles.

    Was this review helpful to you?  YesNo

    617 of 632 people found this review helpful

  • 5 of 5 Stars

    Most effective

    By Mike on 11/12/2008

    As a Termite and Pest Control professional, NOTHING beats Termidor SC. By far the most effective and safe termiticide on the market.  Do not trust anything else to protect your home!

    Was this review helpful to you?  YesNo

    506 of 538 people found this review helpful

  • 5 of 5 Stars

    Termites Eating My Pool Liner.... NO MORE!

    By Chip on 09/21/2009

    I couldn't figure out why my above ground pool was losing water. I hired a professional "leak buster" outfit to help me find the source. It turned out there wasn't one hole in my liner, there were thousands of tiny holes caused by moisture seeking subterranean termites! I tried treating the issue myself with some Home Depot bait stakes. That liner lasted 1 season before the pool started losing water again. I somehow found this site and started to research this Termidor stuff. I bought a jug and a pump sprayer. Since the lining needed replaced (again) I got all set up. When the old lining was removed, I soaked the sand base with my sprayer filled with the Termidor solution. I replaced the liner. Then, I sprayed the outside base of the pool and let the solution roll down the sides through the gravel. Since I had about 12 bait stake holes, I pumped them full of the diluted solution as well. I used the entire bottle on my pool. It's been two full seasons since I treated with Termidor and needless to say, I am thrilled. Not even a hint of termites! If I were to ever install a pool again, I would treat with Termidor as a preventative measure. I had no idea termites hunted for water in swimming pools. I highly recommend this product and this website!

    Was this review helpful to you?  YesNo

    318 of 333 people found this review helpful

  • 5 of 5 Stars

    I am sold!

    By Myron on 09/03/2008

    An excellent product. I do maintenance for our church and school and use Termidor SC for ant control. I was spraying or using granules every week. This product has sold me on a true ant control product that you only have to use every once in awhile. This product will save you money because of time and labor involved in normal products.

    Was this review helpful to you?  YesNo

    276 of 295 people found this review helpful

See all 1,475 customer reviews

Questions & Answers

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Search results for "crawl spaces"

How do apply Termidor in a crawl space?

Crawl Space


Inside the crawl space you would need to trench around any piers that hold up the home but the outside trench would be all that is required for the actual foundation if you are using Termidor. The Termidor will last for 10 years to protect your home. Please take a moment to look thru our pest control guide for termite treatment. 

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Treating crawl space with Termidor SC?

I'm getting ready to encapsulate my crawl space. Should I put a barrier down around the perimeter inside or just do the exterior? I don't want to later wish I would have done the crawl space before it's too late

We agree with you...we would absolutely recommend doing the crawl space with Termidor by trenching the inside perimeter and around all of the piers, and treat just as you would around the outside.  Once your crawl space is encapsulated you will not be able to treat again.  This also greatly limits inspections of the crawl space for termites in the future so we recommend keeping a close eye upstairs in the living space on the first floor for any activity.

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5 of 6 people found this answer helpful

Termidor in crawl space with block wall

I had a major termite company treat my house years ago with Termidor. The way they treated it was inside the crawl space they drilled holes in the center of each lower cinder block, then went around and injected the chemical in each block. No trenching was done anywhere. I wish to redo an application myself for prevention as it has been many years now. Is this a proper way to treat the perimeter, and if I redo this myself want kind of volume would I want to put in each block ?


We would highly suggest trenching and treating instead of only treating inside the cinder block wall.  Termidor is meant to bond to soil and be applied into the ground.  It will not last very long just treating into the cinder block walls.  Cinder blocks are also very porous, so they will soak up a lot of the termidor and you might get a few months of protection instead of 10 years when applying it into the ground. 

You should follow the instructions as outlined in our How To Do A Termite Treatment article to treat the exterior and underside of your crawl space. 

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6 of 7 people found this answer helpful

Active subterranian termites in the crawlspace

I have active subterranian termites in the crawl space. There are tubes going up the inside concrete wall of the crawl space. Should I knock the tubes down first before trenching and applying termidor sc along the crawl space wall, and can I apply termidor sc directly on the mud tubes on the concrete crawl space wall?

Termidor SC can be used in a crawl space. You can knock the tubes out before trenching in the area. You will dig a 6 by 6 inch trench around the crawl space and pour 4 gallons per 10 lineal feet.

Was this answer helpful to you?  YesNo

6 of 7 people found this answer helpful

Can you do a perimeter treatment only on a home that has crawl space with 4 piers or must the piers be treated?

piers are hard do get to. low crawl. will a perimeter foundation treatment be enough


Yes, you can use Termidor SC around the perimeter of your home and in the crawl space. If your house is on piers, you will need to treat around each one. It is not necessary to do a treatment in the crawl space if you cannot get to the area.

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11 of 11 people found this answer helpful

Can Termidor SC be used in a crawl space?

We have an old log house that sits directly on the ground. When I use the trench method, it is possible/likely some of that material will run of into the crawl space. I have read it is not intended for indoor use, but it is not clear on crawl spaces.

Termidor SC can be used in crawlspaces. There are complete instructions on the Termidor SC product label (page 5) on how to use the product in the crawlspace, so if a bit inadvertently goes into the crawlspace it should not pose a problem.

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Can I use Termidor SC in my attic?

Can I spray Termidor SC in my attic and crawl space directly on the wood via a sprayer? If so, what is the ratio? I am planning to dig around my house with a shovel in addition to this.

Termidor SC cannot be used to spray open areas inside your home or in the crawl space. Termidor SC can only be used inside of wall voids for indoors use.

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Is it effective to spray Termidor along "inside boundary of crawl space"?

We actually recommend, if possible, to apply Termidor in a trench inside the crawl space. You will use the same method as you do around the entire structure.

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2 of 4 people found this answer helpful

Will perimeter trenching with fipronil be sufficient or do I need to treat the crawl space?

I have a 20x30 wood frame building (basically a big shed) on wood posts, on a slope so that crawl space underneath varies from 0 to 18". Dirt underneath. An untreated central 2x12 beam was partially buried in soil (don't ask me, I wasn't there!) and is infested with subterranean termites which have also started on the OSB flooring and two untreated interior posts. Beam is being replaced with treated wood which will not contact the ground. Posts below the floor are treated, including the 2 in the center and a dozen perimeter posts. I will cut off all contact between untreated wood and soil. Do I need to crawl under the building and pour solution around the central posts and/or ground surface, or will a perimeter treatment around the outside be sufficient? I only want to tear up and repair this floor once! Thanks.

We would absolutely recommend doing the crawl space with Termidor by trenching around all of the piers/beams and treat just as you would around the outside.

Was this answer helpful to you?  YesNo

1 of 1 people found this answer helpful

Our house has a crawl space. Can we spray Termidor directly on the ground to prevent termites?
Spraying just on the surface of the ground with Termidor SC will not offer any protection from termites in the crawl space.  We would recommend doing the crawl space with Termidor by trenching the inside perimeter and around all of the piers, and treat just as you would around the outside.  We have a great video with instructions here on how to do so.

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