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WCS Coontroller
WCS Coontroller
WCS Coontroller

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Product Overview

The WCS Coontroller Raccoon Excluder is a sturdy, one way door trap for raccoons and other animals. With a specially designed lock system, the one way excluder keeps the animal in the trap. It will make sure that the trapped animal cannot lift the doors of the trap while they are either inside or outside the trap. The excluder does this by moving the first door behind the second door, and locking into place once the animal has tripped the trap. This contains the animal, making it easy to remove from your property. Built to last, the WCS Coontroller Raccoon Excluder is made of galvanized steel, protecting it from any damage an animal might try to inflict on the trap, even after its released back into the wild.

Features and Specs

Target pests Raccoon, opossum, skunk
For use in Residential and commercial areas
Application Place the trap in the desired area, bait the trap, then move the trap with the animal once it is caught. Release the animal back into wild in an area designated for that purpose.
Pet safe Yes, if followed by directions on label.
Dimensions 8" x 8" x 17"
Material / Construction 22 gauge galvanized steel.
Special Features Two door cam locking system so the outside door automatically locks.
Galvanized sheet metal lines all 4 sides of the opening for 5 inches.
Sturdiest one-way door for raccoons on the market
Shipping Weight 12.00 lbs
Manufacturer Wildlife Control Supplies (Mfg. Number: WCS54590)


Added Strength: The front end of the Coontroller containing the cam locking door is lined with 22 gauge galvanized sheet metal and framed with ¼” cold rolled metal rods to provide the strength needed when dealing with aggressive raccoons. This helps to prevent the dexterous raccoon from lifting the door from the outside. The back end of the Coontroller also has the same metal rods that provide additional reinforcement. These added features protect the condition of the Coontroller and therefore the attic or structure as well.

Two-Door System: The key to this excluder is the unique cam locking double door that allows wildlife to push through to gain access to the outside, but locks behind them so if they try to re-enter, they are stopped cold. The Coontroller is 17” long by 8” wide and 8” deep. It weighs 8 pounds and the device is made with 1” by 1” galvanized 14 gauge wire mesh.

It Works!: Thanks to the two-door cam locking system, the second or outside door, automatically locks so the raccoon can’t open the door once it is out of the structure. The raccoon will walk through both doors and once the second door comes down the first door is positioned in a fashion that will lock the second, making it impossible for the animal to lift the door and return to its young or nest. This is an important consideration when using a one-way door device as you will need to go up to the nesting area to remove the young too small to exit once the adult is excluded. The door itself comes down at a 45 degree slant. This dimension of the door prevents the raccoon from having access inside the device and therefore being able to trick the lock. Galvanized sheet metal lines every side of the opening and extends 5” over the device. The first, or inside door, is therefore covered and wholly protected from any tampering once the animal has walked back into the wild.

Note:  Will NOT exclude squirrels or other small rodents.

There are no reviews for this product yet. Be the first.

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