Messinas Rodent Stopper Aerosol

Messinas Rodent Stopper Aerosol

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Product Overview

Messinas Rodent Stopper Aerosol is formulated to prevent most species of rats and mice from foraging, nesting and infesting buildings and other key areas. It prevents entry of the pests within the living spaces including basements and attics. It also prevents chewing of the animals onto buildings materials, automobiles, and outdoor furniture. It is an all-organic formula making it absolutely safe to use on vegetables, fruits, and crops. It is odorless and dries fast without leaving any stains. It can be applied on almost any surface as well as hardscape areas. It works by taste and smell and it is not easily washed off even after a heavy rain. It can last up to 30 days from the day of application. Comes in a 15 oz. pressurized spray can.

Features and Specs

Active Ingredient Geraniol - 1.00% Castor Oil - 0.50% Mint Oil - 0.35%
Target pests Most Mice & Rats
For use in Home & Garden areas
Application Shake well before using
Spray a fine mist to areas that need protection, making sure all parts are covered, careful not to over spray
Allow 20 minutes to dry - Repeat application as needed
Pet safe Yes, if used as directed on Label
Coverage Area Covers up to 750 square feet
Shipping Weight 1.20 lbs
Manufacturer Messinas (Mfg. Number: RS-U-SC1)
UPC 813935000201



This is a highly effective solution for preventing foraging, bedding and entry caused by mice and rats when used according to the following directions.

  1. Shake container well before using.
  2. Apply a fine mist to areas that need protection or entry ways, making sure all parts are covered, being careful not to overspray. When using on fabric, wood or other manufactured material, always test a small area before making broadcast applications to prevent possible staining. When using near edible crops, apply a perimeter application.
  3. Allow 20 minutes for the product to dry before watering of any kind.
  4. Repeat application as needed, usually every 30 days.

NOTE: Due to possible allergic reaction to one or more of the ingredients used to make this product, do not apply to plants that are grown for human or animal consumption. When spraying, ensure that the product does not contact food plants. It may, however, be used on dormant fruit and nut trees. This product works by smell and taste.

There are no reviews for this product yet. Be the first.

Questions & Answers

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Is Messinas Rodent Stopper Aerosol safe around pets?

Labrador dog


Messinas Rodent Stopper Aerosol is safe in homes with pets as long as it is used as directed.

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How effective is Messinas Rodent Stopper Aerosol?

We have just recently started to carry the Messinas Rodent Stopper Aerosol and have not had much direct customer feedback on it yet. We can tell you that repellents can be effective at preventing infestations, but we would not recommend them for existing infestations or for use indoors. Detour Sealant has had good reviews with our customers to help with Rodent Exclusion. We would also recommend considering using bait in refillable, tamper-resistant bait stations if there is a known rodent population in the area. Our Rodent Baiting Kit includes both for a great price. You can also see more tips in our Rat Treatment Guide and Mouse Treatment Guide.



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Will Messinas Rodent Stopper Aerosol damage finish, wiring, etc. under the hood of a vehicle?

Will this product damage paint finish, plastic parts, rubber parts, wiring insulation, etc if sprayed liberally in the engine compartment of a vehicle?


Messinas Rodent Stopper Aerosol would not be safe to apply to the engine compartment of a vehicle.  It is important that the property is addressed as a whole in order to reduce the number of mice/rats. Tamper resistant rodent bait stations loaded with bait such as Fastrac blox will help reduce the level of rodents on the property to a more manageable level. These products can be purchased together in one of Rodent Kits here. To protect individual vehicles you may want to consider using mouse snap traps or rat snap traps beneath the vehicle and resting on the vehicle tires overnight.

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Can Messinas Rodent Stopper Aerosol be sprayed in an auto engine?

Messinas Rodent Stopper Aerosol cannot be sprayed inside an auto engine. The product can be sprayed around the tires of the vehicle and under the backside of the bumper.

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What is the difference between Messinas Roddent Stopper and Messinas Cat & Dog Stopper?

Messinas Rodent Stopper Aerosol is specifically labeled to target rodents and has a lesser percentage of active ingredients than Messinas Dog and Cat Stopper Aerosol.

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