Non Selective Pre Emergent Herbicides

Prevent unwanted weeds from growing in your yard with a non-selective pre-emergent herbicide. Pre-emergent herbicides are applied before weeds grow, stopping weeds from emerging in the lawn to save you the pain of removing the weeds once they grow. Non-selective means the pre-emergent herbicide will kill the seeds of any plant and prevent the growth of any vegetation. 

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A non-selective pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicide that is used for brush control, seed head suppression in pastures and range-lands.
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A professional non-selective pre and post-emergent bare-ground herbicide for commercial and industrial applications.
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A non-selective pre & post-emergent herbicide for controlling grass, broad-leaf weeds, brush and vines up to one year.
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A uniquely formulated herbicide for effective control of multiple types of pond weeds.
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Multiple sizes available
A non-selective post and pre-emergent herbicide that kills weeds and grasses down to the roots for 4 months.

Non-Selective Pre-Emergent Herbicides

A non-selective pre-emergent herbicide will kill germinating seeds of any plant, which will prevent the growth of any vegetation. Nonselective herbicides will kill all plants they come in contact with, and a pre-emergent allows you to apply a preventative application, so your unwanted plants will never grow above ground.

Sometimes, a non-selective pre-emergent herbicide is a two-in-one product that allows you to use it as both a pre and post emergent product. Read the label carefully, because a product that can be used as a pre emergent and a post emergent will effectively kill all vegetation in the area it was applied. The goal of these products is generally to rid a specific area of all plants, including grass.

Because these products will kill all plant life, thoughtful and careful application is very important. A pre-emergent product needs to be applied at the right time of the year to be effective. Grass and weed seeds generally begin to germinate in the spring when soil temperatures reach 55 degrees, which is when you should apply a pre-emergent product.

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