Termite Control Products & How to Kill Termites

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The HexPro Termite Baiting System - Pro Kits contain everything you need to completely and professionally bait your home for termite protection and control. Buy kits with either 10, 15 or 20 stations.
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A ready-to-use Borate based wood preserver that protects against wood destroying organisms such as Fungi, Termites, Carpenter Ants, and Wood Boring Beetles
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An insecticide that kills wood-destroying insects like carpenter ants and termites as well as 75 other pests.
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An insecticide that is a wettable powder and dust that makes for easy to use and broad spectrum natural insect control.
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Insecticide killer foam for carpenter bee, ants, and termites.
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Ideal for planting bare root saplings and installing termite bait stations.
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Termite bait stations with only one inspection required per year.
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Ideal for planting bare root saplings and installing termite bait stations with abrasion resistant heavy duty tip.
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An excellent insecticide that targets termites and other insect pests outdoors and indoors including crickets, spiders, ants, cockroaches, and millipedes.
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A professional insecticide that actively kills s termites, carpenter ants, and other numerous insects outdoors.
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A slab injector designed to deliver efficient and versatile termicide applications.
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Multiple sizes available
These borate based solid wood preservatives are specially made to help stop and prevent fungal decay in woods. It comes in 1/2 in. x 2 in. size and is sold by box of 12.
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A professional termiticide that also controls other soil insects and sucking insects.
Quick View Taurus Dry Flowable Termiticide
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A professional termiticide in purified cellulose for a powerful, fast, and convenient way to spot treat for drywood and subterranean termites.
Quick View Taurus Dry Precision Delivery System Starter Kit
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A revolutionary hand-held micro duster that precisely delivers small amounts of dry flowable formulations into cracks, crevices, and voids.
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A professional termiticide insecticide for commercial & residential indoor & outdoor applications including lawns, ornamental plants and fruit & nut trees.
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A professional plier that is time-saving in removing baits from bait stations.
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A Natural & Organic insecticide that controls indoor and outdoor insects that is natural, safe, and powerful.
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Quickly controls termite and household pest infestations. Non-repellent termiticide with combination of two powerful active ingredients, acetamiprid and bifenthrin
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A liquid concentrate formula that kills and prevent reinfestation of a wide range of listed wood-infesting pests.

How Can I Protect My Home From Termites?

Termites are pests that eat wood, often damaging houses and buildings. Termites can damage the structural integrity of homes and must be dealt with properly to fully kill the colony and protect the home. Fortunately, with DoMyOwn’s selection of termite control products, you can do your own termite treatment, saving time and money in the process.

Preventative termite treatments are the best way to save your home from termite damage. Baiting stations can be placed around the home to lure termites in the area to the stations (instead of the home). Once termites are seen in a station, further treatment can be done to protect the home.

Termite trenches are a long-lasting way to protect a home from termites. Homeowners can dig a trench around the perimeter of their home and pour an insecticide-water mixture inside. The trench will protect the home for up to a decade depending on the products used. Learn more about termite trenches here.

If termite damage is found in the home, the termite colony must be controlled or else the termites will return. Subterranean, drywood, and dampwood termites can all be controlled with a combination of termite sprays, foams, and other termite killer products.

Wood can be treated with the “drill and fill” method or by painting on a borate-based product like Bora-Care. Learn more in our drywood termite treatment guide.

Homeowners can apply a preventative insecticide spray around their home themselves to prevent drywood termites from entering the home. One of the best sprays for termites is Taurus SC. Use an insecticide labeled for termites, like Taurus SC, to spray for termites as part of your quarterly general pest control treatment. Learn more in our drywood termite prevention guide.

Before you treat for termites, you need to be sure you actually have termites and not ants or another pest. These guides will help you determine which pests you have:

Subterranean Termite Identification Guide

Drywood Termite Identification Guide

Dampwood Termite Identification Guide

DIY termite treatment typically costs only 10% of what companies charge. You truly can treat termites yourself, DoMyOwn can help! The following articles and guides will also assist in selecting products and learning how to apply treatments:

How to Inspect for Subterranean Termites

How to do your own termite baiting

How to do your own barrier/soil treatment

What to Do When Termites Infest Your Furniture

If you do decide to call in professional help, How to Choose a Professional Termite Company will assist you in selecting a service provider.

Not sure which product to select for your termite treatment? Start with HexPro Termite Baiting Stations, Cyper TC, Phantom Termiticide Insecticide, Taurus SC, or Termidor SC. Or, give our customer service team a call at 866-581-7378 for expert help.


termitePictures of Termites

Here are some termite pictures to help you identify them:


Termite Soldier Picture


Recommended Products for Soil/ Barrier Treatments:

  • Termidor SC
    Termidor SC is one of the most effective termite control products available and widely used by professional termite extermination companies.

  • Dominion 2L
    Dominion 2L is a generic non-repellent product like Termidor, but is half the cost and just as effective.  



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