VectorFog BY100 Mini Thermal Fogger

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VectorFog BY100 Mini Thermal Fogger
VectorFog BY100 Mini Thermal Fogger
VectorFog BY100 Mini Thermal Fogger
VectorFog BY100 Mini Thermal Fogger

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3.5 out of 5 stars Rating: 3.5

2 Reviews | 11 Q&A

Product Overview

The VectorFog BY100 Mini Thermal Fogger is powered and fueled by a standard butane gas cartridge. The fogger ignites the gas by a piezo and then the gas heats the coiled metal tube. The oil or water solution is then heated and mixed with the fogging solution that creates a mist or fog. Due to its size and portability, this Thermal Mini fogger is perfect for fogging disinfectants and pesticides in many different locations such as in homes, gardens, patios, greenhouses, barns and small storage places.

The VectorFog fogging equipment is used primarily for the application of biocides, disinfectants, pesticides and fungicides. VectorFog foggers create a mist or fog that forms an Ultra-Low Volume (ULV) droplet that is between 5-30 microns in length. Studies have revealed that these sizes of droplets are perfect to handle vector carriers of diseases, pathogens, and pests. Also, solutions may be applied in concentrations of 10-90%, and with flow rates of 0.73 gallon per hour (2 LPH) making them more efficient foggers.

Features and Specs

For use in Commercial & Residential: Golf Courses, Home and garden, Patios, Greenhouses, Barns and Small Storage areas
Application Oil & Water Based Chemicals * See video below
Yield Flow Rate of 2 LPH
Dimensions 24 in. x 7 in. x 15.7 in.
Coverage Area Spray distance: 26 - 32 ft.
Spray distance with water base: 26 ft.
Color Orange body
Sprayer Type Thermal Fogger
Tank Size (gal.) 0.73 Gallon (2.8 Liter)
Material / Construction Stainless Steel and heavy duty plastic
Spray Pattern 5 - 30 microns
Pressure (PSI) Solution tank pressure: 2.13 PSI (0.147 bar)
Special Features Light Weight, Portable, Ideal for small confined areas
Warranty One Year Warranty against factory defects
Parts Included Shoulder Strap
Shipping Weight 3.75 lbs
Manufacturer VectorFog (Mfg. Number: BY100)


SF Technology

The SF thermal foggers are designed for the application of water or oil based solutions. VectorFog SF unique and patented Dual-Point inlet technology, these foggers are one of the most versatile and durrable foggers in the market today. Simply turn a valve to switch between water and oil based fogging. For 2014 the SF Series foggers will also come with additional options including a manual start only, auto start (standard), and dual start. A materials option will also be available for 2014, including an all stainless steel option for applying more corrosive chemicals.

DOD Test

For 2014 the H200SF was tested by the US Navy Entomology Center to evaluate the droplet size of the VectorFog SF Series machines in the Volume Medium Diameter (VMD) spectrum. Using a laser diffraction spectral analyser usder DV 0.5 conditions, the VectorFog H200SF showed to perform considerably better than Chinese brands, and slightly better than brands from Germany. These SF Series foggers also came on top in the water fogging test, achieving the smallest droplet size of all the thermal foggers ever tested by the DOD.

Damage package/product information: If you receive a product or package that is damaged, please call customer service at Vector Fog at 1-844-780-6711. They will be able to assist you.

Replacement parts are available for purchase. Please call our customer service at Toll Free: 866-581-7378 or email us and we will help you. Please find our email link at the "contact us" button above.

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    Goodbye Mosquitos!

    By P. on 09/18/2016

    100x better than the other $60 foggers! Never clogs, high heat, I can fog my entire acre in 20 minutes! My only suggestion is provide a standard propane bottle adapter, instead of just butane. I got an adapter online... No big deal.

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  • 3 of 5 Stars


    By Kurtis on 06/24/2022

    Product is good but shipping took longer then stated

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Questions & Answers

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Does each pesticides have differing optimal droplet size in the VectorFog BY100 Mini Thermal Fogger??

Is there a droplet size that ever is to small to effectively distribute the pesticide ?? As the droplet size is decreased would it be necessary to increase the exposure time such that effectively the same volume of spray would be necessary regardless of selected droplet size ??

Foggers are intended to create very small droplets so that pesticides can cover a large area evenly and drift around the treatment area. Most fogging concentrates are designed to act as a contact kill for a quick clean-out of pest infestations. We would need to know more about the pest you are treating and the specific situation to offer more detailed advice...Please call us at 866-581-7378.

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Can you please tell my what type of butane fuel supply can be used with this VectorFog BY100 Mini Thermal Fogger?

I purchase to different butane tanks and neither adapts to this unit. Any direction is greatly appreciated!


Per the manufacturer, the VectorFog BY100 Mini Thermal Fogger will take any standard 8 oz butane tank, but it has to be an 8 oz. No other size will fit. Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

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How best to use premixed fogging solutions in the VectorFog BY100

The instructions for the BY100 say to only put diesel or water solution in the main tank. The insecticide chemical goes in the top, a separate tank which gets mixed with the fuel it seems. Because there's a separate tank for the fuel and the chemical, can I use a premixed formula like ULD BP-100 with this fogger? The instructions specifically say using a premixed formula can cause clogging. If I can't use a premixed formula, what insecticide can I mix with diesel/water for this fogger?

Yes, you can use ULD BP-100 in the Vector Fog BY100 Mini Thermal Fogger. This product is not pre-mixed with anything. What they mean by pre-mixed would be ULD BP-100 mixed with oil before putting it in its proper tank in the fogger. You will put the oil/diesel in its proper place and put the insecticide in its place.

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Could I get the propane adapter information for the VectorFog BY100 Mini Thermal Fogger?

Can you tell me the name or part number of the propane adapter that fits the by100 fogger sprayer?


Per the Manufacturer there is no adapter for using propane with the VectorFog BY100 Mini Thermal Fogger. You just need to get the correct propane or butane cartridge that would fit the opening in the unit as is. For butane they recommend the Gas One Butane Gas Catridge or the Sterno 50130-8 Butane Fuel Cartridges that you can purchase at Wal-Mart. So a propane cartridge with a similar top would also work. They do not have a recommendation for the propane cartridge. Coleman and GoGas both make one that appear to have the correct fitting on them though. 

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Can I use Shockwave with the VectorFog BY100 Mini Thermal Fogger?

Shockwave can be diluted with mineral oil. It also can be used in a thermal or propane fogger. Please refer to the product label for full application instructions that will best fit your needs.

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VectorFog BY100 Mini Thermal Fogger 3.5 out of 5 stars Rating: 3.5 (2 Reviews / 11 Q&A)

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