Rat Bait Stations

Rats carry disease and contaminate food, making them universally reviled. Rat bait stations hold poisonous rat bait, providing easy access for the rats but protecting children and pets from accessing the bait. The stations are heavy duty and tamper resistant, meaning they will last for years. Use the same bait stations the professionals use to begin your rat control treatment process.

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A versatile and efficient tamper-resistant bait station
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Designed for most bait stations to make servicing easier and more effective.
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Liquid Feeder is an excellent addition to your baiting needs.
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Traprite Rat Snap Trap Station 2152 RST is a cardboard trap which holds rat glue board and up to three rat snap traps.
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Replacement tray for RBS-1 EZ Secured Rodent Bait Stations

Using Baits Will kill Rats, But You Need To Be Careful

When it comes time to get rid of a rat infestation, you have several options available to you. One of the best is to use bait in order to attract and poison the rats. Baits come in a wide variety of formulations and can be used effectively to control virtually any rat problem that may arise.

There are just a few things you should keep in mind when deploying baits to kill rodents. The first is that rat poison used in these products can often be harmful to pets and small children; so if you’re using rat bait, it’s vital to invest in a sturdy and well-made rat bait station to hold the product until the rats come to eat it.

Keeping Pets And Kids Safe From Poisons...

Because baits can be harmful if they fall into the wrong hands, a rodent bait station is a vital tool in the fight against these pests. Most rat bait stations are made out a durable plastic and come with a locking mechanism that will prevent unauthorized access to the poison contained within, however they are equipped with a hole through which the rats can enter and leave after having eaten the bait.

A key advantage to using a rat bait station is that once it is locked it can be placed anywhere the rodents might forage for food, and is sure to effectively control the population of rats, no matter how large the infestation is. One main reason to use these products is the fact that they do keep children and pets safe from the bait itself; however there are a few considerations you should be aware of when using these stations.

Things To Keep In Mind When Using Rat Bait Stations

•    It’s Still Best To Keep Them Separate From Kids And Pets

Although the stations do keep the bait itself safely away from kids and pets, the fact of the matter is the rats might still die out in the open, and they could potentially contaminate any passersby with the poison or harmful bacteria. Therefore it’s best if possible to keep the bait stations in a separate place, ideally near the main areas travelled by the rodents.

•    Don’t Use More Than You Need For The Situation

This is mostly just common sense, but there is no need to overload the stations with bait. If you use the recommended amount, there is less chance of the rodents becoming wary of all the newly available food and refusing to eat it. Also, the cost will be less if you use the least amount necessary.

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