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Weeds can quickly turn the most beautiful lawns and gardens into unsightly messes. Herbicides can control and prevent weeds from overtaking your lawn to keep your lawn healthy. DoMyOwn’s selection of herbicides are the same products the professionals use, allowing you to do your own lawn care with fantastic results.

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A surface-applied pre-emergent herbicide which effectively controls annual grasses and broadleaf weeds on both turf and ornamentals.
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A ready-to-use weed killer that effectively kills over 470 types of weeds and provides results in as little as 5 hours.
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A post-emergence specialty herbicide that effectively controls broadleaf weeds and certain woody brush species with excellent selectivity and residual activity.
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A ready-to-use herbicide that controls over 200 common broadleaf weeds and emerged grassy weeds on sool-season and warm-season grasses.
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A liquid post-emergent herbicide that controls more than 200 broadleaf weeds, and can be used as an aerial application for spot treatment or over broad areas.

Effective Weed Control With Professional Herbicides

Buying weed killer for lawns and other areas around the house is a common homeowner routine. Most people are familiar with weed killer products such as Roundup, but most people don’t know that you can buy the professional grade versions of Roundup, Ranger Pro (Roundup Pro), and Roundup Pro Max.  These commercial grade versions are stronger and work much better than the stuff you can buy at Walmart.

The Right Weed Killer For The Job

In order to treat your lawn and garden correctly, you need to know which kind of weed killer to use. Herbicides and weed killers can be broken down into four main categories: the pre emergent, post emergent, selective, and non selective. Let me briefly explain what each of these kinds of weed killers are.

  • Pre Emergent Herbicides: Weed killers you apply to prevent weeds from growing, i.e. before the weeds have emerged. You generally want to apply these in the late spring and early winter.
  • Post Emergent Herbicides: Weed killers you apply after the weed has grown out beyond the grass or surface.
  • Selective Herbicides: Weed killers that are made to target a specific kind of weed. This is useful for when you want to kill the weeds in your lawn, but not your lawn.
  • Non Selective Herbicides: Weed killers that are made to kill a broad spectrum of weeds all at once.

There are other commercial grade weed control products that you can use in conjunction with the above types of herbicides, called surfactants. A surfactant is a solution that you apply with the weed killer to help it spread out onto the weed better and to make the herbicide water resistant, so it stays on the weed if it rains or gets wet.
One of the best and most common herbicides used in the United States today, for general weed killing, is called Glyphosate. Glyphosate is a broad-use herbicide and is the active ingredient in Roundup. In fact, until 2000, this weed killer was patented by the company that makes Roundup. Now, you can buy this active ingredient from Do My Own Pest Control and save money!

Another common pre emergent herbicide used by the professionals, to get rid of nutsedge and broadleaf weeds, is called Sedgehammer. You can ask any professional and they will tell you that there is no better product out there for this kind of weed control.

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