Master MFG Master Gardener Cart Sprayer 9 Gal.

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Master MFG Master Gardener Cart Sprayer 9 Gal.

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4.5 out of 5 stars Rating: 4.3

59 Reviews | 34 Q&A

Product Overview

We are very excited to offer this 9 gallon cart sprayer that is battery powered and very versatile. It can be pulled or towed by your riding lawn mower or 4 wheeler. The rechargeable 12 volt battery has a 2 hour run time before it needs to be recharged. The tank has a coiled hose that you can spot spray with, or you can use the front mounted nozzle which allows you to spray a 50" swath at a time. This tank is ideal for applying insecticides and herbicides and can handle just about any terrain with its 12" tank mounted wheels.

Product Documents

Features and Specs

Voltage 12 V
Tank Size (gal.) 9 gal
Hose Length (in.) 10 ft.
Warranty This product is non-returnable - warranty does include all replacement parts and technical support. Do not return product to the distributor/dealer for warranty work. Call Master Manufacturing at (800) 864-1649 for any warranty work or replacement parts.
Parts Included 12 volt battery that is mounted to the sprayerHitch Bar to attach to mower or ATV
Shipping Weight 38.40 lbs
Manufacturer Master MFG Sprayers (Mfg. Number: PCD-E3-009B-MM)
UPC 814485010481


How to Assemble the 9 Gallon Master Gardner Spray Cart Trailer


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  • 3 of 5 Stars

    The good, the bad, the ugly

    By J. on 05/13/2011

    Spray pattern is great. Cart and tank are well designed. Battery life is good because pump only runs on demand. Battery charger did not work. Replaced locally. Hose is too short and stiff. Also replaced locally. Would like longer spray wand. Could be a 5 star product with a few modifications and good quality control.

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  • 5 of 5 Stars

    I love this thing!!!!

    By Rob on 04/11/2011

    I bought one and everyone loves it! It says 2 hour run time but I have been using it for almost 3 hours without recharging.  Great tires also. Well worth the money. I highly recommend this thing!!! Rob

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  • 5 of 5 Stars

    UPDATE - Feedback on common issues

    By Justin on 10/04/2012

    I wanted to give an update on this sprayer after reading through the reviews and using this personally. First common issue was the stiff hose. This will get flexible the more you use it. There are much cheaper coiled hoses that are thin and not durable. Second was the battery issue. The new version has a red and green indicator light on it so you know when it is charged. Third is the poly fittings. Keep in mind that many people use corrosive chemical in these and metal is not always an option. Lastly on the comments about the price. This is a steal for $229.99. the pump alone is $50, not to mention the $30 battery, 2 big spoked wheels (not cheap plastic) plus the heavy duty frame. I think this is a good product and they have addressed all the issues they had with the first model. Happy Spraying!

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  • 3 of 5 Stars

    Needs some work!

    By Jerry on 04/24/2012

    I have had three issues with the sprayer. First, the hard plastic hose is far too stiff to make it usable. I had to immediately change it to a rubber hose. Second, the center of gravity is off and the spray tips backwards towards the battery if there is not enough water in the tank to balance the batteries weight. Last, as others have reported, the battery charged indicator does not work. There is no way to know if the battery is charged regardless of how long it is on the charger.

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  • 1 of 5 Stars

    9 Gallon Master Gardner cart sprayer- battery powered

    By A. on 06/22/2011

    Verified Purchase

    It worked very well for the first 1.5 hr, I charged it up for the next day and it does not work now. The battery is not charging up. There is no battery life indicator, so if you run the battery out completely you void the warranty. It would be better if it had a manual pump option, so you could use it longer, and get the job done at one time.  I wouldn't recommend purchasing this model with the battery system it presently has.

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Questions & Answers

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Can you get the cart sprayer with a longer hose?

... or can I add a longer hose to it? Also, is the battery basically a garden tractor type battery?

Unfortunately there is not an option to get a longer hose, however we do not see why you could not possibly lengthen or replace the hose section with a longer one.  The battery is built into the side of the sprayer, but it is not a typical lawnmower battery.  It actually requires very little power to utilize an electric sprayer.  The rechargeable battery portion is very lightweight and smaller compared to a typical lawnmower battery.

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Can you provide more information on the battery for this sprayer?

I have a portable sprayer with a rechargeable battery and I've run into some trouble with it's ability to recharge. The 12V batteries for my sprayer are expensive and hard to find, not to mention that they are only good for one season. I would like to know how and where to obtain replacement batteries for this product, and approximately how much they cost before I make a purchase. Thank you.

The battery is available through the manufacturer and the price of the battery is $69.99 with Free Shipping.  We have had no complaints on the life of the battery to date so far.

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How much does the 9 Gallon Cart Sprayer weigh empty?

Can you tell me the weight of the sprayer (approximately) with nothing in it?

The sprayer weighs 44 pounds when it is assembled and empty.

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What is the psi pressure output on this sprayer, what is the flow (example one gallon per hour)?

If the pump on and the nozzel is turned off will the pump turnoff auto or keep pumping pressure and if so will this damage the pump?

The pump, when activated, will begin to run until 40 psi is reached.The built in pressure switch will then shut off the pump. The 9 gallon cart sprayer has a max spray rate of 1 GPM.

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How far will the 9 gallon Master Gardener Cart Sprayer spray?
The 9 gallon cart sprayer has an adjustable nozzle and when the nozzle is turned to a pin stream you can get about 12 to 15 feet from the nozzle.  We do carry a Chapin Slide Pump Sprayer which can reach about 30 feet.

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Master MFG Master Gardener Cart Sprayer 9 Gal. 4.5 out of 5 stars Rating: 4.3 (59 Reviews / 34 Q&A)

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