Rodent Kits

If you have never dealt with a rodent infestation before or have tried everything without success, a rodent baiting kit from DoMyOwn may be the solution. Our kits contain the rodent control methods that are proven to be most effective in one low-priced and easy to use kit. Make your home or commercial building rodent-free faster with a rodent bait kit. 

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Save Money! This kit includes a case of Protecta RTU Mouse Bait Stations (6 stations) and one 4 lb pail of Fastrac Bait Blox.
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Rodent management accessory which helps secure traps in place.
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Save Money! This kit includes a case of Protecta Mouse Bait Stations (12 stations) and one 4lb. pail of Fastrac Bait Blox.
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Provides you with the basic products you need to deal with your rat problem.

What’s In a Rodent Kit?

The kits you’ll find here contain everything you’ll need to take control of a rodent infestation in no time. They include the leading varieties of bait in addition to bait stations that will prevent any animal or human other than the targeted rodents from being able to get into the bait and potentially suffer any side effects from accidental exposure.

What’s the Benefit of Using a Rodent Kit Versus Ordering the Supplies Separately?

There are two main advantages to purchasing a rodent kit. The first is convenience. Instead of having to research and purchase the products separately by yourself, we’ve gone ahead and included all that you’ll need in one easy to order kit. In addition there is a second benefit and that is the lower cost when compared to ordering these supplies by themselves.

How Do Rodent Control Kits Compare to Mouse Traps?

The key to answering this question is knowing that infestations of rats and mice are not all the same. For smaller infestations or the occasional sighting, traps can be an effective tool to control smaller populations of rodents. However, mouse traps that work for smaller scale mouse extermination are not ideal for a large or overwhelming infestation.

 Is There a Difference Between a Mouse Kit and a Rat Kit?

Because rats are bigger than mice and their infestations are of a slightly different nature, there are two specific types of rodent kits for each species. The rat kits include slightly larger bait stations and rat poison that is tailored to the rat’s particular tastes. The mouse kit is smaller and contains all the necessary mouse poison to control any size problem.

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