What is Tebuconazole?

Tebuconazole - a colorless to light brown powder- is a broad spectrum fungicide used in a wide range of food and feed crops to treat pathogenic and foliar plant fungi.

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3 systemic products in one. Promotes strong roots and beautiful blooms. Convenient and easy to use.
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A liquid systemic 9-14-9 fertilizer, fungicide and insecticide that controls all the areas for Roses, shrubs and flowers.
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A fungicide and insecticide that protects plants, including new growth, against insects and diseases.
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An insecticide, fungicide and miteicide that controls insects and diseases for flowering plants, trees and shrubs.
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A systemic fungicide that treats and prevents plant diseases like black spot, rusts, and powdery mildew on flowers and shrubs.

How Does Tebuconazole Work? (Mode of Action)

Tebuconazole has a mode of action that is a systemic action (as well as preventive, curative, eradicative action). It acts as a sterol inhibiting fungicide (preventing spores). This application prevents or inhibits the diseases made by fungi. First inhibiting the spore germination, then by inhibiting the growth of the fungus.

Tebuconazole Uses

Tebuconazole is registered in over 100 countries worldwide for use in over 90 different crops including vegetables, grapes, canola, peanuts, bananas, cereals, pome and stone fruits, coffee, rice and soybeans.


Tebuconazole is classified as slightly hazardous, and of moderate acute toxicity. Findings on whether or not Tebuconazole could have carcinogenic effects is not yet conclusive.

Products Containing Tebuconazole

Bonide Rose RX Systemic Drench Concentrate

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